Remember Me?

Hi friends,
My, my I have been away…the reason being a heady combination of holiday fun, travel, photo-taking-laziness and crazy work hours. But rest assured, I loved and missed you the whole time.

In my weeks of least-resistance since the Christmas holiday; I had (of course) managed some delicious eats.

Here’s a run-down of some of the yum (completely out of order – fun!):

Cheese board! My mother sent us a gigantic cheese board to enjoy over the break (or for the next year, whichever). 

The holiday celebrations continued in the Natti with a few friends at my place for wine, appetizers and a mammoth cheesecake. That would be my Apple Walnut New York Cheesecake.  Can you see why I couldn’t write? I had to bake a 14lb cheesecake. Priorities, people.

On one of my trips to Boston this month (oh yes, there were multiple trips), my sister and I beelined to Border Cafe, my home away from home. Margarita, chips, salsa and fish tacos and I was back in the swing of things. 

Back in the Natti, the beau and I managed a fondue dinner together, complete with Grand Mariner and cheesecake (which I let the beau have, I only eat 14lb homemade cheesecakes, I have my standards). 

A family favorite; the lox and bagel made a perfect Christmas morning breakfast (hey, I said these pictures were out of order). Toasted Bagel half, Herbed Cream Cheese, Thinly Sliced Red Onion, Smoked Salmon, Over-Easy Egg, Capers and Freshly Ground Black Pepper. Its ok to drool. 

A midweek dinner of Quesadillas at home. Leftover roasted pork loin cooked down with peppers, onions and taco seasonings stuffed into whole grain tortillas with lots of melted cheddar cheese. Did the trick.
A night out in my old stomping grounds of Quincy with some girlfriends yielded this plate of love. Linguine with prosciutto, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella and dreamy white wine sauce. You can bet your bippy I was mopping up that sauce with the hunk of crusty Italian bread back there.

A Southern New Year’s Day Tradition; Hoppin’ John. An easy mix of rice and black-eyed peas. I jazzed ours up with pancetta, lots of vegetables and liberal shakes from the Cajun spice jar.  Happy New Year indeed.

A few late night dinners looked like this, stove-top popcorn. When I moved from Boston, I ditched my microwave and haven’t missed it since, even for popcorn. It literally takes 10 minutes on the stove and you can adjust seasonings and oil to your liking. That bowl above was sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese and truffle oil. Orville who?

A homemade feast courtesy of the beau. Bacon &  Sour Cream Stuffed Mushrooms (a light treat…not), Roasted Asparagus and Cajun-Citrus Baked Salmon. Fantastic as always, that man knows his way around a salmon fillet.

The beau and I had an impromptu dinner at J. Alexander’s one rainy Sunday night. I had some kind of shrimp dinner…and THESE, Roasted Artichokes with Aioli dipping sauce. Divine. 

Happy that the red cups didn’t disappear with Santa Claus, I continued to enjoy a couple of Skinny Gingerbread Mistos over the last few weeks. 

One quick work trip back to the East Coast (Worcester represent!) found me and a co-worker at Mac’s, a local Italian diner. After a long morning of taking care of business in the freezing January weather, we were chilled to the bone. Mac’s Pasta Ceci Soup and Italian Sub on thick, dense Italian bread hit the spot. The diet Coke with no ice was just a bonus (I love non-iced, chilled drinks – how European of me).

Another stop in Worcester was to The Sole Proprietor for our fix of Boston seafood. I went for the Classic Baked Haddock with Steamed Broccoli and Spinach. I have been eating this meal my whole life, and I ain’t mad at that.

No trip to Boston is complete without a visit to Mom (of course). Happy to have her little family complete; Mom put together a 1950s feast. Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf, Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans with plenty of butter. Naturally, we had Syrian bread, Zaa’tar and Hummus too, because well, we’re Lebanese and that’s what we do. The Leb goodies are from a family friend’s store in Worcester, Ed Hyder’s Mediterranean Marketplace (a Worcester favorite). 

Back home in the Natti (for a while, I think), the beau and I feasted on a sushi extravaganza at Ichiban a few nights ago.

I think that just about wraps up the last few weeks….pretty delicious, no?
Stay tuned, there’s more good food to come!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Okay – this is a LOT to comment on…but I’m up for the task since I’ve taken about a 6-month sabbatical from commenting on my favorite blog in the entire blogesphere! Deep breath; here goes:
    – The only way that cheese board would be cooler is if it was from Hickory Farms and came with a trip to my ghetto mall
    – I looked at that photo of the cheesecake and literally thought it was covered in Chex-Mix…which now that I think of it, wouldn’t a Chex-Mix Cheesecake be AWESOME!??! Let’s get on that one salad.
    – Free chips and salsa should be the norm at every Tex-Mex restaurant. EVERY RESTAURANT (Chlii’s I hope you’re listening/reading blogs)
    – Romance at the Melting Pot – what a gooey image
    – I really, really wish I liked Lox and Bagels – you make them seem so delicious with the sliced onions and capers. Maybe I’ll start off by just clipping out that photo and carrying it around with me to get used to the idea first.
    – I always forget how much I love a homemade quesadilla. Quesadillas – the appetizer of the 90’s. You just don’t see them around as much anymore sadly. All those sliders and “Spin-dips” taking their place.
    – What in hell kind of garbage pasta is that? What is that sauce made of? Egg? Butter? White Wine? Olive Oil? All of the above? Is that seriously a menu item, or did you ask them to just “fill it up with whatever you’ve got”?
    – I love a black-eyed pea! And no – I don’t mean Fergie; her, I don’t like….her eyebrows are too arched and her mouth looks like candle-wax.
    – Truffle popcorn? Two times the gagging; once on the actual popcorn kernel getting stuck in my throat, and twice when I taste the horrific truffle oil. No thank you.
    – Those mushrooms are so beautiful! I find it hard to believe that your beau actually made them since I’ve never heard of him making anything of worth (other than that amazing bottle-cap table). Harrumph.
    – Aioli – that’s the second gag-tastic item in this post. Thank GOD there was no shrimp afoot for the holiday season.
    – I’m actually sipping a Starbies iced coconut latte right now – my summertime treat – while wistfully remembering the hot gingerbread lattes of the wintertimes. : )
    – Weird Worcester food. No comment except soda!?!? Without ice!??! Has the world gone mad!?
    – I love a good baked haddock – do they really not do this in other parts of the country?
    – Bacon wrapped meatloaf??? Yes please! I LOVE MEATLOAF…never thought to add “the other white meat” to the loaf. Sounds intriguing. Do you think that would disrupt the ketchup that I love to squirt on my meatloaf (ensuring that I really am a 1950’s sterotype?).
    – That is by far the craziest sushi I’ve ever seen – think they decorate it like that to hide the fact that its raw fish from a land-locked midwestern state (hence maybe there’s no real fish in there?). I am saddened to see that’s not from Dancing Wasabi.


  2. Your title of Reigning Blog Commenting Queen remains. I tip my hat.

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