I love the Thanksgiving holiday. The fall weather, the utter casualness of the day and of course the family-time. My Thanksgiving last year was fairly traditional, my family spent the day enjoying a beautiful dinner with my aunt’s family. Well, as traditional as a dozen family members, one pug and one hundred side dishes can be (check the microwave for the corn, Auntie). The exception to my traditional Thanksgiving last year was that the night before Thanksgiving,  I was driving home from the gym when my friend Nandrea called and asked if I wanted to come over to visit with her brother in from out-of-town. With my post-gym-shower wet hair and baggy sweatpants on I decided “why not?”, steered my car to my friend’s house, re-met her brother…and the rest, as they say is history.

Flash forward to Thanksgiving 2011. This year, the beau and I were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with members of both our families……in Las Vegas! There was utter casualness, 100 side dishes to choose from and lots of family (and I’m sure corn in a microwave somewhere). Pretty traditional after all.

A whirlwind view of our days in Vegas…..

Veggie sandwiches and matzoh ball soup at the deli….and some lobster later on.

A gorgeous Thanksgiving dinner at The Palm (thankful indeed)…and a pumpkin macaron from Bouchon.

Hamburgers, French onion soup and bloody marys at the Paris. Oh what a bloody mary it was!

Mon Ami Gabi boasts a gorgeous bloody mary bar. A variety of mixes, along with pickled vegetables, stuffed olives, spices, herbs and oddly, sausage, were all there to  make your own fabulous bloody mary. My sister and I loved the jalapeno stuffed olives. So good!

The weather was warm…but not warm enough for a dip at Tao beach. It was eerie to see it so empty. When the weather is warm its every woman for herself to find a lounge chair. Thankfully, the whirlpool was nice and toasty. But not as toasty as the delicious pumpkin ravioli with crisp walnuts and sage we enjoyed at Postrio later that night.

Alot to be thankful for this year:  family, friends, health and happiness, oh and chance meetings…..

…..thankful indeed.


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  1. Jen says:

    I am thankful for lots of my favorite things in this post: Hamburger slot machines, macaroons from Bouchon (THEY OWN ME), french onion soup (YUM!)…and of course your little story about chance meetings. LOVE!

    I do have to disagree with you about bloody mary bars – I don’t love them. I like to be served my bloody mary already fabulous; I don’t like to try to throw together my own crazy brew. However, I do think I would have appreciated this bloody mary bar simply for the accoutrements – I would have made a lovely plate of pickled veggies and stuffed olives – yay! And I could have also gotten in some protein with a sausage? (um what?)

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