Gone Turfin’

You’ve heard me mention Terry’s Turf Club before. The delciciously upscale burgers served in a roadhouse atmosphere (insert your favorite Patrick Swayze line here).

The fact that its also a haven for neon signs only adds to the fun.
Terry’s has a delightful beer selection (hello seasonal beers!) and AMAZING live jazz on weekend nights. Win!

In additon to the fun atmosphere and great music….there are the burgers…..

….which speak for themselves. Terry’s menu allows you build-your-own burger with a variety of cheeses, toppings and sauces. I’m usually torn between choosing unique cheeses (Grilled Halmouni or Double Cream Brie?) and one of their amazing sauces (Red Pepper Feta or Garlic Peanut?); but I always pull it together to make scrumptious burger…..but I always end up liking whatever the beau gets more. Finally after our 5 or 6th visit of me mmm-mmming over the bite I would take from his burger; I asked him the secret to ordering a great burger every time. His response? “I get the same burger every time” – Genius.
The Beau’s Terry Burger:
Hamburger with grilled onions, provolone cheese, bacon and rosemary garlic sauce.

*A word to the wise, this place is popular (and very wee); I recommend a late night adventure to avoid waiting for the deliciousness.


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  1. Jen says:

    This place is DELICIOUS! Will I be seeing a familiar face playing a gig with his jazz-band-mates here someday??? I think this would be a fantastic place for you to be groupie-ing.

    PS: Love the Patrick Swayze reference…I happened upon a Patrick Swayze look-alike while in Cincinatti…what a coincidence!

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