Lost Vegas

A few weeks ago, I spent a fabulous weekend in Las Vegas with several of my favorite girlfriend’s celebrating our dear friend Erica’s Bachelorette Party. This fox is getting married THIS WEEKEND and it seemed only fair to recap the bachelorette party prior to recapping the wedding. I’m nice like that.

Because of my schedule, it was a whirlwind trip for me; I arrived in Vegas late Friday night while the girls were already in full swing of party mode. I quickly caught up.

(oh how I wish we had seen Barry Manilow 🙂

We spent the night at the Paris’ Chateau dancing, talking and meeting some drunk fools interesting characters. In the wee hours, we headed back to our rooms.

Thankfully, brunch in the Paris’  Ile St Louis Cafe was only a blissfully short elevator ride away.Omelette with roasted vegetables. And about 9 cups of coffee. I heart you, Paris.

I spent the morning contributing to the Vegas economy.
After a day of gambling and pool lounging, it was time to hit the town.

We started with a girl’s dinner at Mon Ami Gabi.

We shared several appetizers, including a roasted corn and tomato salad. Delightful!We enjoyed the view of the Bellagio water show across the way.Dinner for me was French Onion Soup and a Frisee Salad with a poached egg (LOVE).

After dinner we made our way to our show for the evening. An athletic performance by some Australian performers. Definitely more funny than anything else 🙂
(Bachelorettes on the town!)

After the show, we wandered back down the strip, stopping in the Bellagio to see their garden theme and do a little gambling.

The rest of the night was spent at The Chateau; love spending time carousing with this crew!

Needless to say, Sunday morning came bright and EARLY. Due to an airline delay; my flight was delayed from 11am….to 11pm! I didn’t mind as I was happy to spend a few more hours with my favorite girls.

We headed back to Mon Ami Gabi for brunch.
Coffee was needed.

That would be  my pal Nursey savoring her first cup. Sweet, sweet nectar.I had a gorgeous Crab Eggs Benedict. Absolutely scrumptious.

The rest of the day was spent poolside and gamble-side. Perfect.
I was so sorry to go; but so happy to see my girlfriends….…Round Two with this crew reconvenes this weekend!


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  1. Jen says:

    Salad friend – when are you going to venture off the strip and head off to the Peppermill Lounge? It’s a good time, I promise you! They don’t frown upon putting booze in your coffee, and its totally 70’s fabulous! I bet you could persuade them to play some Barry Manilow.

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