Summer Throwback

This morning was 48 degrees. I think Fall might be here to stay in the Natti.
A couple of weeks ago while I was still complaining about summer’s heat; I took the opportunity to try a Cincinnati favorite, Aglamesis Brothers ice cream.

Heralded as “French-style” ice cream and “Italian ices” (sorbets); Aglamesis prides themselves on using the finest ingredients to create small-batches of luscious ice creams in addition to an impressive homemade chocolate selection as well.

On my visit, I sampled their Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream and it did not disappoint.  Rich, smooth strawberry cream with delightful bits and strands of chocolate that melted immediately upon devouring. No hard, flavorless “chips” here.

Positively delicious.  They had other gorgeous flavors such as Dutch Chocolate, Pineapple Pecan and CHAMPAGNE SORBET. I was actually torn over choosing this or the Strawberry Chocolate, as you know my love of champagne. Oh well, an excuse for another visit!

Stay with me as I keep throwing back to Summer with more recaps from August. Let the rest of the blogworld dive into pumpkin – we’re still rocking the heat wave here on YKOS!


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  1. Jen says:

    Is it weird that I love hard, flavorless chocolate chips? I mean – I don’t like chocolate that much, so these really fit the bill for adding some texture without much else.

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