Still Pretty Good

Saturday morning I convinced the beau to take me to Annabel’s for brunch.

I also say convinced because the beau has one true breakfast love, and its First Watch – but that’s another story.

After agreeing if there was a wait at Annabel’s we could go to First Watch elsewhere, we headed to the restaurant. Upon pulling up we saw several groups of people standing out front and I could tell the beau was already thinking of his First Watch order.

Luckily (unluckily?) they had room right away for the two of us at Annabel’s. Sorry First Watch, we’ll see you tomorrow another day.

Annabel’s is all open spaces, framed food photography and boasts a cafe style menu.

We settled in with coffee and water and perused the menu. In addition to the printed menu; there were also daily specials.

The Toastie looked amazing to me: butternut squash, havarti cheese, portobello mushrooms, pesto and caramelized onions on a grilled flatbread with my choice of soup or salad. Um, hello – all my favorite things on one plate? Okey dokey. Except one thing was missing…..

An egg. that’s right; I asked for an over easy egg on top.

It took the Toastie from amazing to Out.Of.This.World.

The server (who was very nice) commented: “That looks amazing – I need to try it that way!” What can I say? I’m a breakfast food maverick.

I wished we saved room for one of the homemade baked goods (Hello Coconut Cupcake!); but we sadly didn’t.As we were finishing up; I asked the beau how he liked his meal; and he begrudgingly admitted that it was pretty delicious (he had opted for an egg, cheese and sausage crossaint sandwich), it  was no First Watch, but still pretty good.

I’ll take it.


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  1. Jen says:

    Dang – I forgot about those cute “toasties” from this blog! I should have been less of a sloth and gotten up to go to brunch with you! But – could we have worn our pajamas to this place and not get frowned upon? I hope so….

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