A Snag

Last night, as I filled my grocery cart self-righteously with organic produce, fresh salmon and locally sourced cheese, I hit a snag. A big snag. A snag that knocked the “I’m better than you with your Cheetos in the cart because my chips are organic” look off my face. That snag was the prepared baking aisle.

I usually make my own baked treats, liked these, or these; because after you get the oil and eggs ready to go for many of those mixes, you may as well just add your own flour and sugar and be done with it (in my opinion). But something about a red box just caught my eye and wouldn’t let go…

It was the siren song of Betty Crocker BUTTER PECAN cake mix…



I mean, you can understand my excitement (Or can you? Is anyone else under the age of 80 enjoying butter pecan? Just me? Ok…). I snatched up those delicious cardboard boxes before you could say “Do they make these gluten-free?”

I hid this contraband underneath my piles of organic spinach and whole wheat pasta and raced through the checkout as quickly as my chemical-deprived body would let me.

Later on that evening after enjoying a fresh and delicious grill-out dinner of salmon, vegetables and salad…the beau and I tucked into the fruits of my pre-packaged labor.

I mean how could one resist these little mini cupcake darlings? The cake was moist and tender with the right punch of nutty, buttery goodness (albeit very sweet goodness).The frosting simply swirled out of my pastry bag will ease. No beating homemade frosting into a gluey mess, this was just swirls of tangy cream cheese goodness.

These were little morsels of delectibility and I’m not sorry we ingested “Propylene  Glycol Mono and Diesters of Fatty Acids” for one night.

No, not sorry at all.

But tomorrow, its back to organic chips.


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  1. Majja says:

    Thank you oh thank you for acknowledging that the “look” exists. As the person with Cheetos in her cart, I was afraid my paranoid mind was imagining it. But I’m not. It’s there. And it’s why I put my whole grain, whole wheat choices on top of my orange cheese products when I’m walking the aisles. 🙂

  2. Oh there’s a look all right. Lack of chemicals makes people judgy. One day we won’t hide our orange-colored goodness in shame….one day….

  3. Jen says:

    A snack is not good if it doesn’t leave flourescent orange residue on your fingertips.

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