When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Wednesday night the beau and I had dinner at a Cincinnati classic, Bella Luna.
This cozy spot specializes in traditional and regional Italian dishes and more importantly, has half-priced wine bottles on Wednesday nights. Done and done.

Once settled in our booth; the beau ordered a dirty martini to start. This was EXCELLENT, ice-cold with the right amount of brine from the olives. YUM.I had to have a few sips for quality control purposes, natch.
I ordered a sparkling water for myself.

Less exciting; but delicious.

We took our time reviewing the menu; there were all the traditional favorites; plus a section of “Regional” Italian favorites that changes bi-monthly.

Although the Prime Rib Cannelloni is much celebrated here in Cincinnati; we opted for something a little lighter to start: Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus.

We both loved this. The asparagus was crisp; the prosciutto was baked perfectly and the olive oil-herb-parmesan sauce was addictive. We kept dipping bread into the deliciousness.
Speaking of bread, we were brought this basket of homemade focaccia with garlic butter and olive oil/vinegar for dipping.
I liked their version of focaccia; it was less-oily and less-hard than other versions I’ve had. Very nice…..

….especially smeared with garlic butter. Although nowhere near the ridiculousness of this bread basket.

After enjoying our starter, we focused on the main event: half-price wine! We ordered a simple Cabernet, which was our third choice as they were sold out of quite a few bottles. Half-price wine night is alluring to one and all.

After MUCH debating, I settled the Scallop entrée: Large scallops wrapped with prosciutto and served over apple risotto with gorgonzola cream.

I really enjoyed this. The scallops were cooked perfectly and very tender and the prosciutto added the right amount of salt and crisp. I loved the summer squash medley and bits of fresh basil that came with it.  The only “eh” was the risotto. It was gummy and bit too apple-y sweet for my taste.

The beau ordered a Veal Marsala; and declared it just “ok” – he’s a self-proclaimed veal snob, so he may be a bit discriminate. I shared some of the pasta from his Marsala dish and though flavorful found it to be a bit on the sweet side for me.

Too stuffed for dessert, we finished up and made our way out. At 10pm, we were just about the last couple there and got to listen to the last bits of the piano player’s repertoire on the way out the door.

Overall, a lovely dinner and fun night out.


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  1. Jen says:

    HALF PRICED WINE!??! Cincinatti is seeming better and better…

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