Salad to Stir Fry: The Monday Night Dinner Story

The best part about Sunday’s Asian-Style Slaw?

The amazing stir-fry it made last night.

I simply got a wok good and hot, added a tiny bit of oil and stir-fried the bejeezus out of the slaw. When the vegetable mix was tender; but still had some crunch, I stir-fried an egg through it.  A sprinkle of parsley; and I was ready to rock.

Since this slaw was dairy-free and had all the delicious elements of a stir-fry in the dressing (lime juice, garlic, soy sauce, nuts, etc); this was super tasty and so easy.

The cabbage “threads” were a surprising noodle alternative; and I didn’t miss them a bit…hmmm, maybe a new standard in stir fries?


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  1. Jen says:

    Of all the posts I’ve read (and I’ve read THEM ALL) – I found this one to be so inventive Salad! I really wanted to try making stir fry with cabbage threads instead of noodles…you’re a genius!

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