Yesterday was a LONG day. After a 5pm meeting I crawled to the grocery store and the baby store to pick up some treats for my upstairs neighbors who just had a baby. I then crawled home, put away groceries, changed clothes, took a walk and checked email. I was patiently waiting for the beau to finish a project so we could get dinner. As we were now nearing 8pm, I was more than ready to chow down. At this point, the beau informed me he had one errand to do before we could go out. I then realize I hadn’t  eaten since the salad I had at noon….8 hours ago…

The meltdown begins.

Tears and general crankiness ensues with such witty phrases as “I don’t care what or where we eat now, I’m past hunger, just leave me here!” (insert dramatic flop into chair here).

At this point, the beau, still supremely calm (and dare I say, slightly amused?) took in my foot-stamping dramatics and overall crabby mood – and declared me past hangry, and right into hungersterical.

Fortunately he had the key to calming the angry mob of one. 25 short minutes later I was shoveling crisp potstickers and pineapple fried rice into my mouth at our the beloved Lemongrass. Somehow after eating fresh, delicious Thai food, and savoring a glass of red wine…everything didn’t seem so cranky anymore….imagine that.

Hungersteria calmed.

(I was too busy chowing (see above) to take a pic of my dinner – this is pineapple fried rice from another beloved Thai joint in Boston, Sweet Lemons).


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    hahaah hungersterical!!!

    I get like that everynight!!! I miss you Anne. That dish looks fantabulous!

  2. Hungersterical….straining nightly relationships for couples everywhere 🙂

    I miss YOU – your eggplant po’ boys look to DIE FOR!

  3. Lilmurph says:

    I am currently hungersterical having not eaten since breakfast. I can’t be trusted with human interaction or food choices!

    1. Its true; hungersterical is NO joke!

  4. Jen says:

    I thought I had hungersteria….turns out I am just a grouch.

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