Another Busy One

It was another busy weekend in the Natti!
Without further dramatic pause; let’s go to the tape.

Friday night, I took part in the Downtown Dash; a 5K race through the streets of downtown Cincinnati.

I was fortunate that co-workers were at the event so I had friends to have fun with.
(This is not my co-worker, its Rosie Reds!)

What was not fun? Running straight up a huge hill after not running for a couple of weeks, it being 90 degrees. Yuck. It was my worst 5K time in a WHILE, maybe ever. The positive? I had a beer after the race and a serious mental butt-kicking that this little Salad needs to hit the pavement more if she doesn’t want to humiliate herself at public races moving forward.

The rest of Friday night was delightful! A quick shower at home, and I met the beau for a burger and a beer at Terry’s Turf Club.  Terry’s is a neon oasis of FANTASTIC homemade burgers. The decor is kitschy roadhouse, complete with baskets of peanuts (and shells on the floor) but the food is dynamite, fresh and upscale. Grilled haloumi or roasted foie gras alongside your homemade burger? Yeah, it’s that wild.

I ordered a burger with gilled onions and peppers, swiss cheese and garlic peanut sauce (the sauces here are what make it).
Alongside a beer and some crispy fries, it totally hit the spot. There was also a fantastic jazz band playing as well; and the beau and I happily lingered for another hour just to hear them rock out.

Saturday was spent scrubbing the house, doing laundry and watching a marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker. Oh Patti Stanger, you are fabulous.

Sunday consisted of hours of this….

….Couch shopping.

My little apartment has two armchairs and no couches in it. Which is fine for most TV watching; but falling asleep sitting up in a chair has given me permanent pretzel neck and I need to fix that. I scoped out furniture stores, Macys and even Costco; but didn’t find one I loved. The beau tagged along to help review and clearly loved this lovely brown leather sofa with double recliners. Um, is that a man thing? Needless to say, I went home empty-handed. Pretzel neck continues until further notice.

Thankfully Sunday night was revived with some champagne and shrimp cocktail at home. Really is there anything these two things can’t fix?
(Mumm Napa…LOVE!)

Sunday night’s dinner continued with a BATTLE SALMON….but that will have to wait…

Enjoy your Monday night!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. cutie patooty says:

    I like the couch. Double recliners sounds great!

    1. I don’t know….felt like of boy-ish….plus double recliners? Are we Joey and Chandler from Friends?
      I will say, it was mighty comfy…..dilemmas.

  2. Lilmurph says:

    I think you can find both comfort and girl style! You can do it!

    1. Its getting desperate! Q’s dog bed is looking comfy to nap on. Help!

  3. Jen says:

    SPOILER ALERT: You did find a couch that blends comfort and cuteness!!!

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