Not So Mynty Fresh

Wednesday night; I met some co-workers for happy hour at Mynt Martini.
Billed as a swanky martini bar downtown; I was excited to try some of their signature fancy martinis for…$5. Oh Boston, how you’ve deprived me of happy hour deals all these years.
Finally ready to glean the joy of weeknight happy hour, we settled ourselves in the comfy lounge area outside and got to menu-reading. (thankfully there were huge fans blowing to keep the area cool)

We perused the drink list and I was delighted to see that all of their signature martinis were also on the happy hour menu; score!

I opted for a Myntini; I love muddled lime and mint; and this sounded so refreshing.

The drinks were delivered in record time and were served in huge,sturdy martini glasses (which I liked – I hate spilling in the thin-stemmed glasses. The verdict on the drink?


This did not look nor taste like “muddled lime and mint” – and actually tasted like a combination of margarita sour mix and green Gatorade. Overly sweet with a burning aftertaste; not fresh at all. I was pretty disappointed since this is supposed to be a martini bar….and they won City’s best martini?!? Maybe it was me. My co-worker got the same thing and really liked hers; so maybe I’m just a judgy brat – wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of that….

My other co-worker got a Raspy Voice and said it tasted like “sweet, raspberry ice cream”; which he loved.

Unfortunately, after getting through about half of my Gatorade martini, I switched over to some house Cabernet which was perfectly fine. While chatting and catching up with my group; we ordered some bar food nibbles to share; also on the Happy Hour menu.

(Hard and Soft Tacos, Grilled Flatbread Pizza, Fried Mac n Cheese Bites and Hummus)

The food matched the martinis in “eh-ness”. The hard/soft tacos were gut-fill at best; the flatbread crust was reminiscent of elementary school lunch pizza and the hummus in addition to be a confusingly bright color…didn’t taste like anything. The mac and cheese bites and its accompanying ranch dip were solid bar bites; but really, frying mac and cheese and dipping into ranch dressing is just genius all around.

Overall, I can’t say that I would go back to Mynt. It’s tough to write off a place on just happy hour since I wonder if they use a lesser caliber of food and drink during that time since the prices are more than half off; but I’m not sure I want to spend full price to find out if its any better…..

What do you think? Do you think places “dumb down” their menu in the name of options for happy hour?


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  1. Jen says:

    Friend – the martini was FIVE DOLLARS. I would still BE THERE DRINKING….how can you be complaining?

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