A Little Bit of Chicken Fry

Monday night, it was 116 degrees on the heat index in the Natti.
116 degrees.
I felt like I was sitting in my car’s exhaust pipe. Not fun.  

After work, I scurried home to my air conditioning and stood in front of the (blissfully cold) refrigerator. I had one dinner on my mind…
Fried Chicken & Potato Salad.
Not sure if it was the fact that I finally made a fruit pie or I’ve just been listening to too much country radio; but this sounded fantastic on a sweltering summer day.

So I got to chicken fryin’.

Fried Chicken
(Adapted from Paula Deen)

5 Chicken Legs (you could use the “pick of the chicken if you prefer”)
1 c. AP Flour
2 tsp black pepper
Seasoning: 2 tbs Salt/2 tbs Pepper/2 tbs Garlic Powder/1 tsp Cayenne
2 eggs (or 1/2c. egg product)
 2 tbs cayenne pepper (Paula suggests 1/2c. hot sauce)
Frying Oil (Canola or Peanut)
Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper

Thoroughly wash your chicken in cool water and pat dry with paper towels.
In a wide, shallow bowl mix flour and pepper, set aside. In another wide bowl (or paper plate), spread seasoning. Finally in a third shallow bowl, mix egg with hot sauce.

Roll each leg in the seasoning mix. Then dip into the egg mix.

Roll completely in flour and place on a plate.

Place a heavy, large skillet (get out that cast iron skillet if you got one)over medium heat and add enough oil to come up about 1/3 the side of your pan. The oil should not come up more than half way (as the chicken will cause the oil to rise and as it heats, oil will splatter!). Heat the oil until hot (Paula says 350 – my method? throw a pinch of leftover  batter in the oil, if it sizzles you’re ready – do not throw a drop of water, bad bad bad).  You can see from my superior photography that I did not put enough oil in the pan, so I had to turn my chicken on four sides to cook perfectly (so.not.cool). Don’t be like me, put enough oil to cover the chicken halfway; so that you can flip once. Allow chicken to fry (without touching it) for about 10 minutes. Flip each piece over (the crust should look dry and crispy – if it looks soggy; your oil is not hot enough). Allow it cook for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a large  paper towel-covered plate and as your chicken is done, transfer to the plate to blot the excess oil. 
Serves 2-3.

Lookin’ good, right? Time for the side:

Scallion & Herb Potato Salad
( I love this with NF yogurt and mayonnaise, lightens it up and give it a great tang)

3 large white potatoes
 2 scallions, cleaned and chopped
2 tbs dill
2-3 tbs flat leaf parsley
1 tbs of garlic powder
1 tbs Sea Salt, 2 tsp Cracked Pepper
4oz NF Greek Yogurt
2 tbs olive-oil mayonnaise

Set a pot of water on to boil. Scrub clean and peel potatoes. Chop into large cubes.  Once water is at a rolling boil, add a pinch of salt and potatoes; allow potatoes to boil until a fork can pierce them easily (about 12 minutes  – not too soft, we don’t want potato soup). Drain potatoes in a colander and rinse with cool water to stop the cooking. Allow potatoes to drain excess water.

In a large bowl mix scallions, dill, parsley and spices. Add yogurt and mayonnaise; stir dressing throughly. Add potatoes and stir. Allow to chill before serving. Serves 2-3.

Just a little bit of chicken fry….

Something is missing…..



Much better.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    I am afraid of the hot oil, but I love fried chicken legs. Did you oil splatter alot?

    1. No, but I really didn’t use enough oil. If you keep it halfway up and not too hot – you’re fine, fraidy cat.

  2. Lilmurph says:

    Yea for non-mayo potato salad!

  3. Jen says:

    You dare drop Miss Paula Deen’s name up there and not include any butter in your recipe? The horror!

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