Back At It

Hi friends,
I hope you had a fabulous long weekend!

The beau and I grilled and chilled for a few days and it was magical! I also did some much needed house-cleaning/organizing of my still-bare apartment. But now, I have blinds! Cincinnati perverts, peep elsewhere! (just kidding…sort of).

The menu of the Fourth was nonstop grill food and I wasn’t mad at that.
The beau was the master of the grill and I was happy to be the sous chef.
That meant I got to put together the apps/sides/desserts…my favorite parts 🙂


Lots of fresh Crudite with a simple veggie dip: Jicima, Peppers, Celery with some good ole fashioned Knorr Spring Vegetable dip. So comforting and yummy.
– Sabra Hummus and rosemary crackers
– Kettle Brand chips (LOVE)

I kept the sides pretty simple: Grilled Vegetables.

– Portobellos, Peppers, Zucchini and Onion, drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper and rosemary and grilled until crisp; delicious! Adding a spring of rosemary to the charcoals (not advisable for a gas grill) also makes for a fabulous aroma/flavor!

We also had this Antipasti Salad:

A glass of processo (or two) was had throughout the day….

….cheers to you America!
The grillmaster (and his hairy legs, not mine, thank you very much) chillin grillside.

After much grilling love – our feast!

Kettle Chips, Antipasti Salad, Rosemary Crackers, Bleu and Sharp Cheddar Cheeses, Black and Bleu burges, All-beef hot dogs, Whole Wheat buns, Crudite, Hummus & Roasted Vegggies. 

Now let’s talk burgers. I had bought some beautiful ground beef from Whole Foods; and was excited to see what the grillmaster would do with it…..

…he did not disappoint.

Black and Bleu Burgers
1 lb black angus beef
2 tbs cajun seasoning
pinch each: salt, black pepper, garlic powder
2-3 oz crumbled bleu cheese
1/2 white onion, diced fine (optional)
Combine all ingredients well. Form meat mix into 4-6 patties. You’re ready to grill. Try this tasty alternative as well: Rosemary & Parmesan Burgers: Replace the cajun seasoning with finely chopped rosemary and replace the bleu cheese with shredded parmesan. Delicious!

I had one more grilled treat up my sleeve…DESSERT. Mr. Snap ate the picture (I don’t blame him); so a re-creation and reshoot to come tonight!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dangie says:

    This food is too good to be so far away!

  2. Jen says:

    Appetizers means: MRS. GRASS!!!!!

    PS: One of those burgers looked a little raw – BE CAREFUL!

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