Its All Greek To Me Part III

Sorry for the posting snafu…enjoy part III of my Greece recap!

Coming into the home stretch of our vacation…..

After days of lounging, reading, eating and sunning (please don’t punch me through the computer); we took a small excursion to another part of the island. After a 45 minute boat cruise, we arrived in Paleokastritsa, another popular beach locale, famed for its water caves and pebble beaches.
We took a walk around the village and small hike up a hill to visit to the local Greek Orthodox monastery. By the time we hiked back down the mountain,we were hot and tired. How convenient that a gorgeous Mediterranean beach was beckoning us. After splashing in the waves for a while, it was time for lunch!

A beachside taverna suited our needs just fine. I enjoyed one of my favorite lunches…..

Greek salad and vine leaves; I never got sick of this combination.

Later that afternoon, we returned back to our part of the island to resume our slothing for the next 24 hours. We enjoyed our last night in Corfu with dinner at our hotel, enjoying this sunset view.

Kicking and screaming Bright and early the next morning, we departed our island for Athens. We were spending another day/night in Athens to see the sights.

We settled in our city hotel, found a cafe and got to map-reading. We decided we’re much better beach bums than city tourists.

After getting only mildly lost; we headed to the Acropolis to take in some culture.

After walking the ruins for a few hours, we were tired and hot. A swim and lunch at our hotel had us revived for……more lounging by our hotel pool. What can I say, we like to relax!

For our last night in Greece, we walked through Athens for a bit….. 

…..until we found d a delicious looking outdoor restaurant, Kapyatie.

In addition to Greek Salad (natch); my friend and I split a combo platter that included the most popular Greek Dishes, including Vine Leaves, Spinach Pie, Pastichio and Moussaka.
Not as fabulous as some of our island meals; but did the trick.

After our last leisurely meal in Athens, we strolled back to our hotel for one more drink at our hotel’s rooftop bar. This was our view……
Not bad at all…..

Greece was an amazing, delicious adventure; and I’m so glad I got to experience it with some of my closest friends.

Where to next?


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  1. Jen says:

    You know…as I look through those ruins of Greece I am left to wonder: “are there any dinosaurs still living among them?”…they could possibly still roam the earth you know.

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