Its All Greek To Me, Part II

Where did we leave off?

Ah yes, sunning, drinking and beaching at a Greek resort.
This continued for the next 5 days. Don’t hate me.  

Scenes from a Greek vacation…..


Lunches were enjoyed at the beachside cafe in our resort, Mango.  Everything was fresh and simple; I could NOT get enough of the homemade tzatziki sauce slathered on my sandwiches.

Lots of walks through town included a stop at the bakery….

 But we were always back in time for lunch at Mango!
Tzatziki, Feta, Cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, soft fresh bread roll…..I mean, seriously.

With lunch we would enjoy local sparkling water….

….or local sparkling beer….

More trips into town included stops at the little market. I love seeing Greek groceries; its just so interesting to me (yes, I am a giant food geek).

Greek yougrt as far as the eye could see! Dear America, please get on board with the Greek yogurt, COOKIE flavor (see above right).
Fun flavors of chips (or “crisps” as they were called. “Chips” are French fries. YKOS, making you smarter). Oregano is a popular herb here, and in fact grows wild in many places, so of course there would be Oregano chips. Prawn cocktail and Ketchup chips were just fun to see.

Back at Mango, lunch drinks were getting out of hand….

One evening, we dined in town at Mythica; a simple taverna with fresh and flavorful food.

Naturally, we started with a Greek Salad.

Followed by a Sampler plate with pita, hummus, tzatziki  (my love), taramasalata, and whipped feta (!). There was also sausages in spicy tomato sauce, some Greek meatballs and some fish in tomato sauce.
We also loved these phyllo parcels stuffed with meat sauce covered with bechamel. Divine!
The standout dish at the table was a Greek Spaghetti Bolognese with tender hunks of lamb; this was declared the evening’s winner!
Desserts for the table  included a festive creme brulee…

…..and the Greek classic….Baklava!

Being a Lebanese girl, I prefer the Middle Eastern style of Baklava (or Batlawa) which is made with a simple syrup instead of honey and often has pistachios (and walnuts) as a filling or garnish.

Instead of Baklava, I enjoyed a cappuccino with a piece of Greek candy? Biscotti? on the side (Basically a Greek confection that tasted like a hybrid of marshmallow, nougat and taffy in a sugar wafer).

Another morning, another cappuccino, served beach-side……
One night, just my girlfriends and I went for dinner. The menfolk in our group enjoyed a bit too much of the local cocktails flavor and went to bed early.

 No worries, we easily entertained ourselves. We had dinner at Waves, a beachside restaurant just a short walk down the beach from our hotel.
We enjoyed a carafe of local wine….
….and a smorgasboard of appetizers.
(From L: Fried zucchini patties, tomato & cucumber salad, stuffed vineleaves and spinach pies; basically all my favorite things on one table.)
Enjoyed with thick bread and olive tapenade, of course.

Dinners included chicken kabobs and grilled prawns. Yum!

All enjoyed while watching the waves…..

More baklava for dessert, of course!







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  1. Jen says:

    The mystery of the spaghetti SOLVED in Greece! You ARE making me smarter everyday YKOS!

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