Its All Greek To Me

Yia Sas, friends!
I’m back after a beautiful week on the Greek isle of Corfu.

My journey started in Cincinnati….and from there went to Boston, then London and then into Athens. My friends and I loathed enjoyed a six-hour layover in the nearly empty Athens airport. Nothing to do but kick up our heels and discuss which male teen actor made the most movies in the ’80s. Of course.

(Charlie Sheen was declared King of the ’80s with 19 movies, while Kevin Bacon came in a close second with 17. Thanks IMDB and hours to kill!)

Before the debate over Footloose vs Platoon got any more heated, we found an open cafe in the airport to enjoy an early breakfast.

Cappuccino and Greek Spinach Pie.

My spinach pie was delicious! Buttery phyllo, spinach and feta all rolled together and baked? Heaven. This was the perfect way to whet my appetite for Greek food!

Before we knew it, they were calling our flight to Corfu. A puddle jumper ride from Athens to Corfu later….

(view from the plane flying into Corfu)

….and one death-defying van ride through the hills of Corfu and we arrived at our destination, The Delfino Blu Resort.

Our hotel was absolutely beautiful; and the staff were so welcoming and kind. We had arrived a bit early, so while they finalized our rooms, we were ushered out to the deck to rest and enjoy some snacks and drinks.

Much revived with some nibbles, we headed up to our rooms. I was sharing a suite with friends; so we had two bedrooms and a spacious living area.

(living room)

The Greek generosity continued with a welcome letter from the owner along with complimentary wine, fruit and soft drinks in the minifridge.

I was busy snapping pictures of our view….

…when there was another knock at the door….

Oh just a generous plate of fruit, sweets and fresh juice to enjoy as we unpacked. This hospitality was making the warm cookies at the Hilton just look sad.

After unpacking for a bit, we met up with the rest of our friends. We pulled on swimmysuits and headed for the pool to enjoy an adult beverage or two….

(Pina colada with fresh pineapple, lime and coconut milk, yes please!)

We sipped our drinks and caught up poolside for the rest of the afternoon….

Stay tuned for more recaps!

(This was a personal vacation, so all opinions expressed about accommodations, cuisine or excursions are entirely my own).


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  1. Jen says:

    WOW – this looks like that place they stayed on America’s Top Model when they were shooting in Greece…did you also pose for photographers in an oversized bowl full of greek salad wearing only underwear?

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