In one of the best sampling efforts I’ve seen in a while, the fabulous people at Sabra were were enthusiastically sharing their famous hummus one busy lunchtime in Downtown Crossing (Boston) a few weeks ago.

I mean, the sample guys were psyched.

But can you blame them? Look at the spread:

Folks were encouraged to take a sample pak of hummus and mix in one of four signature toppings to make their own flavor of Sabra. Toppings included: roasted garlic, roasted peppers, pine nut mix or sundried tomatoes.

They were serving Stacy’s pita chips with the hummus. Genius!
My friend Beany and I each happily took a sample and coupon and chatted with the super-friendly staff. Our only wish? That the little hummus paks were the ones with the lids; unless you were eating your snack right then (which we weren’t) it was too tough to add a mix-in and take it to-go.

Someone was loving their job that day.

Sabra, you deliciously smooth, flavorful and healthful dip, complete me.


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  1. Jen says:

    Salad thanks for posting this! I forgot all about that sample-van, and when I read this, I went home and hunted in my fridge for my free sabra hummus. What a delightful suprise to have it last night while I watched TV and reminisced about our last lunch together at the Tucci’s…

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