to continue our fabulous Saturday night, the beau and I headed off to a gorgeous dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.

Morton’s is known for their sumptuous presentation, incomparable offerings and premium service and I’m pleased to say, our expectations were exceeded on each level.

We settled in a cozy table in the center of the restaurant, perfect for people-watching.
For cocktails, the beau started off with a Dirty Martini, but I went for old faithful, a glass of Prosecco, which I sipped throughout our meal.

(all pics by master photographer, Ip Hone. Enjoy).

(pig candle holder on our table)

As we were sipping our drinks, delicious onion bread was brought to our table. The beau had been talking this up pretty hard so I was excited to try it myself.

Its HUGE (TWSS?) but very flaky and once sliced was pretty light and delicious.

Next, Marie, our server came to “read” us the menu. Morton’s presents the menu to you in person by showcasing all the cuts of steak and a sampling of the vegetables you can have on the side. They also show you a live lobster, but that was fairly traumatic, so that pic was thankfully nonexistent.

(And this is a T-bone, see?)

After the presentation, the beau and I made our selections for dinner.
Caesar to share, filet for each of us and a Grand Mariner Souffle for dessert.
Very old school steak house I thought 🙂

(Caesar to share source)

Because I’m not a huge red-meat eater, I usually get the petite filet at steakhouses, it’s the smallest amount (usually 5-9 oz) and is super tender and delicious.

Morton’s petite filet was just that.

Although I had gotten a peppercorn sauce on the side (see I knew I’d get it in there); this little beauty did not need it at all.

We shared sautéed Mushrooms & Onions for a side along with the most amazingly fresh and creamy Creamed Spinach (which I forgot to snap a pic of).  I love the sides at steakhouses, they’re usually the best part! (Um, aside from that whole amazing cuts of meat thing…)

After enjoying our dinner, and sipping our wine (I was still on the same glass of Prosecco), our table was expertly cleared for the souffle to arrive.

Having never ordered a souffle in a restaurant, I thought the presentation was just beautiful. The souffle was wheeled out and the server chatted us through the serving of it.

The preparation and presentation of this was simply stunning.

Although I adored the raspberries and fresh whipped cream, I didn’t love the souffle; although it was picture perfect and the beau loved his, a souffle is just a bit too custard for my tastes, but the Grand Mariner flavor I nibbled from the crust was just divine.

Morton’s was a gorgeous experience and I had an absolutely beautiful night.
The beau and I rolled ourselves home with our takeaway tucked safely under my arm. This leftovers of this meal were too delicious not to take home!


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  1. Jen says:

    Is Morton’s one of those places where they wrap your left-overs up in tin-foil shaped like a swan? I’ve only seen that on TV, so am not sure if it actually happens in real-life anywhere, but if it does, Morton’s seems like the kind of place that would do it.

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