A Week Late And A Dollar Short: Blog Anniversary and Scavenger Hunt

I was so busy last week with my impromptu vacation, I totally missed a crucial date here on YKOS.
My One Year Blog Anniversary!
One year ago (on 3/25/10), I put fingers to keypad and busted out my first blog post….ironically not about salad. To read it in all its naive glory, click here.

Its been a wild year, full of dirty martinis, road races, friends, and of course some amazing meals.

To celebrate this year in blogging, we’re going to have a Blog Scavenger Hunt!

Here’s the deal: Find posts that references all of the below. Send me an EMAIL (not comment)  with the correct Post Titles. From all of the 100% correct submissions, I’ll randomly select winners.
What’s in it for you? I’d thought you’d never ask.
A fun and fabulous gift pak from yours truly! I can promise it will involve some fun snacky treats, maybe some fun kitchen things and generally anything else I feel is worthy of you! I promise it won’t be lame (anyone who has received a birthday gift from me can attest, I usually knock it out of the park with gifts 🙂

Ready, Set, Go!
(come on out lurkers, you know you want to see what I can do for a gift prize!)

A Year in Blogging Scavenger Hunt

1.  Find a post with the FIRST  salad I posted on YKOS
2.  Find a mention of a  SkinnyGirl Margarita
3. Find a post where I reference my birthday theme
4. Find a post where I recap a food show, expo or fair
5. Find a mention of running a road race
6. Find a post where I recap my Book Club
7, Find a post about  my visit to a local winery
8. Find a post where I made the entire post into a song/poem
9. Find a post about a meal I ate in Cincinnati, OH.
10. Find a post where I dined at a restaurant during Boston’s Restaurant Week ’10 or ’11.

Send all replies to yourkindofsalad@hotmail.com
(Entries to be submitted by Monday, 4/4/11 at midnightEST.)

Luigi and I say GOOD LUCK!


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  1. Jen says:

    Is it time to go home yet?

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