Back from Vacation

Oh snap, I’m back.

Thanks for not forgetting about me last week. I decided last-minute to join my family on a trip to Disney World, so I was gone without a moment’s notice.

(unpictured: our darling photographer, my brother-in-law)

Temperature-wise, it’s still in the 30s here in Boston and it’s almost APRIL. APRIL. Can you blame a girl for needing to run away for some sun? I thought not.

I spent four beautiful days in sunny Orlando, relaxing, swimming and cuddling up to my family.  Bliss. We also managed to have some delicious meals and drinks (oh, and visit that theme park that’s there too).

On our first night, we had a fun and delicious dinner in Downtown Disney at Fulton’s Crab House.

I started with a glass of bubbly and an ice water (gotta stay hydrated in the heat).

For an appetizer, the table shared a Lobster & Crab Bisque….

…..Crab Cakes….

And a unpictured Caesar Salad. Yum!

Loved the Bisque, it was velvety without being creamy, just a rich lobster and crab flavor. Yum! I LOVED the Crab Cakes, just big, beautiful hunks of seasoned crab and very little crumb, just the way I like them. I loved the little pickled cucumber salad on the side as well.

Then it was on to the main event….

Crab Claws.  I had never eaten crab claw….until now….

There’s terror and excitement in my eyes….. And happiness in my belly, delightful!

The next day, we sunscreened up and headed to Epcot for some around-the-world fun in the Epcot countries.




And Germany….

We had lunch at the Biergarten . A German-style beer hall…..

…complete with an Ooop-pa-pa band, fun!

The restaurant only served a buffet, so I tried a bit of a few different things (ironically, I don’t like sausages, which were the most popular menu items).

(Clockwise: Macaroni salad with radishes and peas, Green Salad with Shaved beets, Dilled Salmon, Spaetzle (a german pasta), Apricot and Apple chutneys and a slice of Pork Loin.).

I tried most things on my plate and loved the salmon! (only I would go to a German restaurant and have salmon). I skipped the dessert buffet and opted for a visit to…

…The Werther’s Caramel Shoppe….my idea of treat heaven.

But even with all these treats around, I was still too stuffed from lunch to try anything 😦 I opted for a caramel hard candy and called it a day (SO lame, I know).

After a nap and a swim (blissful), we headed over to Downtown Disney for an Italian meal at Portobello.

I had a refreshing  Italian Spritzer.

Our table shared the Antipasti platter (and Grilled Mushrooms, unpictured).

(Clockwise: Pickled carrots, Grana cheese, Ricotta&Honey Toast (SO good), Pickled Green Tomatoes, Prosciutto, Bruschetta and Marinated Mozzarella balls).

My mom and I split a salad and a pasta for dinner.

Caesar salad to start:

(I love the shaved Parmesan! I do NOT love croutons)

And Squid Ink Pasta with Shrimp for dinner.

I enjoyed a delicious glass of Ruffino with dinner (that other one is my Mom’s, I swear :))

My niece and I had a pasta eating contest, I think she wins….

We finished dinner with a stop at Ghiradelli Chocolate.

It was PACKED in there!

The six of us shared a small Chocolate and small Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.


The rest of our trip was spent, lounging by the pool and just generally relaxing.
Here’s to you, spontaneous vacation!

I’ll be back with more fun, friends!


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  1. Jen says:

    Two things:
    – I didn’t know they had a Werther’s candy shop at Epcot! Neat!
    – I didn’t know you’ve never had a crab claw! I had my first earlier this year at Joe’s Stone Crab (the claw mecca)…I have to say, I like food that’s less of a mess to eat. My output (work) outweighed the enjoyment of the input (food). In operations terms, that’s a fail. Oh well.

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