Dirty Martinis and Faux Antlers

Restaurant Week fun continued with a decadent dinner at KO Prime, a swank steakhouse owned by local celebrity chef, Ken Oringer.

The bar and dining room have a funked up steakhouse vibe; plenty of deep colors….

with modern twists….
and whimsical details.

(Faux Antlers, fun!)

My friend Beany and were tucked into a cozy booth seat in the back of the restaurant.  I started the evening with an ice-cold dirty martini (look at those gorgeous ice crystals in there; a sign of a properly shaken martini).

This was delicious, but after a few sips, I shared the rest with my friend Beany and switched over to a beautiful glass of pinot noir.

I enjoyed a slice of the chewy wheat bread with softened salted butter (YUM).

For my restaurant week menu, I ordered the following deliciousness:

While my friend Beany went with the following choices:

My soup was so good! (and the waiter was so patient while I took 14 action shots). I loved the tartness from the lemon and the richness from the bacon.

Beany said her salad was excellent and looked better in-person 🙂

The beef was a gorgeous little petite with roasted greens and mushrooms and an elegant side of candle.
(SO dim in the restaurant that we needed the light from an iphone and candle to get these amazing shots. Sarcasm should be ordered separately).

I loved my little steak; the salt and pepper crust on it was delightful, and although the center was a bit too pink for me; it was overall lovely.

Beany’s fish looked gorgeous and tasted fabulous as well.

What is restaurant week without dessert? (Just a huge dinner mid-week is all).

I loved my banana cake/ice cream and toffee sauce.  I really love anything toffee or caramel-based. Please note that for when you want to send me gifts.

Beany’s panna cotta was smooth and creamy, a much preferable version of the usual gelatinous panna cotta in my opinion!

Another beautiful restaurant week meal – check!

What about you? Heading out anywhere special for restaurant week?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simply Life says:

    wow, looks like a great choice to enjoy restaurant week!

    1. It sure was; gotta love RW!

  2. Jen says:

    I don’t remember much from this night (as it was after a particularly traumatizing work day), but I do know this. They made a KILLER dirty martini – and I should of had like 3 more….

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