Cincy Weekend

After a 4-hour car ride through snow, sleet, rain and wind in a tricked out Taurus with nothing but country music and talk radio to sustain me, I arrived in Cincinnati late Thursday night.

Hello, welcome to my weekend recap.

Exhausted from trying to find a non-praise music radio station for the better part of 3 hours; I was  hangry for sure when I arrived in downtown Cincy.  Road food options had been limited and the fast food kid’s meal (hey, I got a toy!) I picked up earlier hadn’t done much for my stomach except remind me why I don’t eat fast food.

Thankfully, my hangry behavior was nothing a glass of wine and a lovely plate of sushi from Dancing Wasabi couldn’t cure a short time later. Sushi, it’s the balm to my soul.

Friday morning, I was much restored by a good night’s sleep and the fact that it was a sunny 50 degrees. This girl loves a sunny day…..and ice cream and new boots and fresh goat cheese and lots of other things. Wait, what was I saying?

Right, a sunny day. I grabbed an apple to snack on and took a long walk around downtown Cincy.

After a while, I stopped for a quick lunch at Coffee Emporium, a local coffee shop.

(OTR = Over-The-Rhine, a historic section of downtown Cincinnati that includes many boutique restaurants and shops).

I took my lunch to an outside table to enjoy the sunshine.

That would be an Avocado and Swiss on toasted multigrain with a side of green and an Iced Mocha Latte. Delightful!

I spent the rest of the day having a beautiful lazy Friday; caught up on Greek (if you didn’t watch this ABC family gem, then  you missed out – seriously I don’t care that it’s a show for teens, its amazing), painted my nails and otherwise slothed. It was lovely.

Friday night, the boy and I got all prettied up and went out for dinner at Senate; a fun gastropub that specializes in upscale hot dogs!
The restaurant was sleek and inviting.

I started by asking the bartender to make me “something fun with champagne” – and I got this beauty.

It tasted like champagne, Chambord and St. Germain with raspberries; but I didn’t catch the official ingredients.

Upon sitting down, I enjoyed a glass of red wine with dinner.
To start, we shared  Foie Gras Creme Brule served with toasted macadamia nuts and stone fruit compote.

Oh my, this was good. Rich, melt-in-your-mouth smooth and with the just right amount of crunch and tart from the fruit and nuts. lovely.

Dinner for me was the Egg and Bacon Salad – a lovely mix of arugula with bacon lardons, simple vinaigrette and a poached egg.

I’m a sucker for a poached egg. So good.

The boy got the Chicago Hot Dog, all all-beef hot dog with tomato, mustard, onion, neon relish, sport peppers, pickle and celery salt. He was pretty happy with it.

We shared a side order of Duck Fat Fries.


We opted out of dessert and instead had a beer around the corner at another bar. Cincinnati has a rich German heritage, so they have some great local beers. Due to the proximity to Kentucky, they also boast some local Bourbon Beers. I couldn’t wait to try a Kentucky Bourbon Ale.

Although this could not have been more than 12 oz (served in a brandy snifter); I was absolutely exhausted after one! That’s when my beau informed me that bourbon beers often have much higher alcohol content than regular beer (8% versus 4.2 in a Bud lite, say!) I could hardly finish this before I was yawning in my drink. Needless to say we headed out after just one.

Saturday was another beautiful sunny day. I went into a strange land I never been in quite a while…the gym. I got in a heart-pounding 20 minute jog (1.5miles) and 25 minutes on this funky elliptical thingy (that would be the technical term) followed by some ab work. Gotta admit, it felt good. Not as good as drinking champagne and eating duck fat fries, but still good.

The rest of Saturday was spent walking all over downtown, visiting the dog park and stopping for a quick lunch.
Tom & Chee
is a gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup shop located in downtown. It seemed perfect for a quick, mid-walk lunch.

I oped out of the recommended tomato soup and went with Beer & Cheese soup, a first for me. Apparently this soup is pretty popular in Cincinnati (again due to the large German population); but I had never had it.

The Beer Cheese soup was like a thick cheesy fondue. The boy tells me it’s often served with a giant soft pretzel for dipping; sounds good to me.

On the side, we shared a bag of Grippos or a Cincinnati-local potato chip (gotta stay local,right?).

I also got a grilled cheese with gouda and vegetable on rye bread.
I  managed only half of my sandwich and soup. Both were so filling.

After a much-needed nap and iced coffee, Saturday night was a late night of drinks with friends followed by a simple late-night dinner of creamy herb pasta at home.

Sunday was another relaxing day. After a trip to the dog park and a quick coffee, we stopped into a neighborhood pub, MOTR for an afternoon Bloody Mary (for him) and Champagne (for me). We then made a delicious lox and bagels feast, much like this one for a late brunch.

I enjoyed a  lazy  Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa with the puppy, while the beau made us a gorgeous dinner.  I woke up to the most delicious aromas coming from the kitchen and him handing me a glass of wine , not a bad way to wake up!

The Menu:
Homemade Herb Stuffed Mushrooms with Goddess Sauce
Salad with Romaine, Apples and Brie cheese
Maple-Soy Glazed Salmon
(and a beautiful bottle of Pinot Noir)

These mushrooms were deliciously buttery and creamy with a delightful crunch.

I love me a junked up salad; and this one hit the spot perfectly.

The Salmon was the star of dinner, so flavorful and moist. Yum!

(Little tip from the boy: DON’T spray tin foil when you cook the fish, the skin will stick to the foil, and you can pull the fish away from the skin easily for serving – so smart!).

I wish I  had this again right now, so darn good!

All together now….

…..he even made dessert 🙂

A great end to a lovely weekend!

This week is Boston restaurant week and I’ve got some fun reservations….so keep an eye out for those recaps!

Are you dining anywhere for Boston Restaurant Week?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tommy T says:

    sounds like you had the most amazing weekend ever in Cincinnati! The tip about the not spraying the foil is great!

    1. I mean it was cool 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Dancing Wasabi makes a return visit to the blog! I am such a fan…guess where my first meal when I hit the town will need to be?

    I will also need to get both of those sandwiches – they look so yummy! And my home-cooked dinner will need to mirror yours; I love stuffed mushrooms, and a good junk salad. I hate salmon, but these photos you took actually make it look so amazingly delicious. Save me a seat at that crazy beer-cap coffee-table (I seriously love that thing…so much better than one of those Roy Rogers, Garage sale Wagon Wheel coffee tables that were all the rage in the 80’s).

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