My Friday

Hi friends,
Today is my Friday,  hooray! My dear friend Nursey and her beau, Rockstar are tying the knot this weekend, so I’m starting my celebratory weekend a little early, and I ain’t mad at that.

Before the wedding festivities begin, I got to celebrate my friend JG’s birthday today at work.
She just turned noneofyourbeeswax 21 so we went out for a birthday lunch at Sakurabana for sushi.

Sakurabana is a small, but efficient sushi restaurant. The food is excellent and the service is on it! Our lunches were delicious! To start, we shared shrimp dumplings and each had a small salad and miso soup. For lunch, I ordered a tuna  roll and a vegetarian roll(both with brown rice) and drank 234 cups of green tea. Delicious!  Happy Birthday Miss JG!

I’m off to finish up work so I can get my weekend started right.
I’ll be back next week with wedding recaps and pics….have a beautiful weekend!





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  1. Jen says:

    Yum I love that place…I don’t even get weirded out about eating sushi in a basement…something about raw fish and no windows…I dont know. Anyway, it’s delicious there, and I thoroughly enjoy both the tea, and the brown rice sushi! YUM!

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