ABC, Its Easy As….Oh You Know

I saw the Blogger ABCs over on Lizzy’s page; and thought I’d do mine (plus, my salad today was too boring to eat, let alone blog about, so ABCs it is!)

Let’s Do This:

A. Age: 32. (Its the new 31).
B.  Bed Size: Queen (“Which means, there’s just enough room for the queen” – Queen Latifa circa her “Living Single” days- and yes, that’s my go-to quote).
C.  Chore you hate: Cleaning the shower. HATE.
D.  Dogs: Eh. I’m not really a dog person (although they love me, of course); but there are some dogs in my life that rock (Ozzy, Dixie, Quinton and Bojo to name a few). Cats on the other hand are pure evil.
E.  Essential start to your day: Having a clean apartment before I leave for work. It’s a weird thing I have about having the dishes done, blankets folded and bed made before I leave the house. I am a spazz.
F.  Favorite color: Green (this will come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever met me).
G.  Gold or silver: Silver; but I got love for some blinging gold.
H. Height: 5’2′; but since I rock heels and talk constantly most people think I’m annoying taller.
I. Instruments you play: Does Twitter count? If not, nothin’.  Sorry Mom and Dad, those years of piano lessons yielded nothing but confirmation of my tone deafness.
J. Job title: Account Supervisor.
K.  Kids: None; but I’m not opposed to taking my niece out for the afternoon under the guise of babysitting; but really using it as an excuse to eat ice cream and pizza and go to a matinée in the name of “it’s for the kid!”
L.  Live: In Boston.
M. Mom’s name: Laurice (and she’s a badass).
N.  Nicknames: Annie (which I never really loved, but hey it goes with the territory, I guess)
O.  Overnight hospital stays: Appendix out when I was a kid. I couldn’t laugh or cough without clutching my stomach for weeks; this was pre-laparoscopic surgery, people.
P.  Pet peeve: People without manners. Come on! Hold the door, get up on the train for the grandma, don’t scream into your cell phone while waiting in line at the bank and don’t push people into the street so you can cut across the light. I promise you’ll get back to your supercool life just 4 seconds later.
Q.  Quote from a movie: “What should we drink to?” “To the Groundhog!” “I always drink to world peace”.
R.  Right or left-handed: Right.
S.  Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother-in law, 1 tiny but sassy niece and a partridge in a pear tree.
Time you wake up: This is tricky…anywhere between 6am and 7:45am depending on the plan for the morning.
U.  Underwear: Um, instead of answering this, I’m going pose a different question:
U. Carrie Underwood or Keith Urban?:
Keith Urban for-life (and I love that he’s shorter than Nicole, something about that makes me love him more…)
V.  Vegetables you dislike: Raw tomatoes ((shudders)). Otherwise, I love all other vegetables!
W.  What makes you run late: See “E”
X.  X-Rays you’ve had:
Teeth! And they are sparkly, thank you very much!
Y.  Yummy food you make:
I’d much rather have appetizers than a full meals;  I’m usually most excited about my cheese plates, appetizers and lox and bagels spreads. For more recipe fun, click here.
Z. Zoo animal: The elephants; love those lashed eyes.

Ok, hope you learned some new fun things about me. Let’s hear yours!

Pick a letter question from above and answer it in the comments section below.
If you have a blog; feel free to do the ABCs on your own site!
Come on, my little lurkers; I’m dying to hear from you!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    So much good stuff here! You are too funny. And twitter totally counts

  2. Ha, thanks friend! I was inspired! And yes, I consider Twitter a skill!

  3. Tommy T says:

    the wake up time is a little suspect

  4. Jen says:

    I thought this post was going to be about Campbell’s Alphabet Soup…but alas, instead it reminded me of my 1st grade Christmas pageant where we stood in a line on stage, and sang that Christmas Alphabet song where we spelled out the word “CHRISTMAS” with giant letters on ourselves. Everyone had a letter, and I was letter “S” (the last one, since I was short). My lyric was: “S is for old Santa who makes every kid his pet”. Tell me that’s not creepy?

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