Yellow and Happy Fruit

Hi friends,
Its a grey, rainy day here in Boston, blah. Let’s harken back to a time when the sun shone and the streets were dry.  Yes, I’m talking about those days of summer.

One of my favorite summer fruits is deliciously sweet pineapple. Although you can get these prickly beasts year-round; there is something so summery and delicious about this yellow, happy fruit.

Let’s be yellow and happy today.

How To Cut A Pineapple:

You want to select a pineapple that is heavy for its size, has no squishy areas and smells sweet.

Using a sharp knife, on a steady cutting board; lop off the leaf-top and about an inch from the  top to make the top flat.

Flip the pineapple over, and lop off about an inch from the bottom (including the “button” to make the bottom flat as well).

Working slowly with a  sharp knife that you can easily manage, cut the peel away from the fruit in vertical strips. Feel free to go back over the fruit to dig out the woody little “eyes” . Those are um, aggressive, on your digestion if you eat too many.

Continue to work around the entire pineapple until you’re left with the column of peeled fruit.

Cut the pineapple off the rind in 4 sections

The rind is also rather woody and can be tough to eat so I prefer to cut it out.
It would be delicious used to flavor a pitcher of ice water though!

Flipping each fourth over, so the flat side is down,  slice your pineapple into half-moon slices (I used a paper towel to secure my grip, as the pineapple can get a bit sticky at this point). You can lay these out on a fruit plate as is or….

…continue chopping into chunks.

Happily devour.

From here you can throw these beauties into smoothies, a fruit salad, a Thai stir fry or blend them with yogurt and freeze to make your own creamsicles. Fresh pina coladas would be awesome or even baked with chicken and cashews, the list goes on and on….

What’s your favorite use for fresh pineapple?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lilmurph says:

    I now want to be on an island eating pineapple and drinking out of a coconut! Darn rain!

  2. Seriously, I needed something bright and cheery today!

  3. Jen says:

    FRIEND! This post really scared me…do you mean to tell me you’ve been EATING THE EYES OF THE PINAPPLE!?!?! Are you crazy? That is NOT good! You need to take your time and get those out – I mean, that is hazordous to your health – they are picky! Seriously – you have to stop – I will buy you a fancy pinapple cutter – I have one, and although it takes a little elbow grease, they work great! I’m still shaken by you “eating the eyes”. So weird. Do you eat apple cores and the skin of the kiwi too?

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