I Don’t Know Those Nuances

Last week, I tagged along with my friend Beany to her gym studio’s holiday party.
Beany trains at Stephen Cabral Studio; and these guys (and girls) know their biznass.
Beany has been training there for quite a while;  and really enjoys the personal service there.

Stephen Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Founder of Stephen Cabral Studio
Health consultant for MTV, Diet.com
Men’s Health, NutritionData, Gather,
EDGE, Examiner

The team had the studio decked out in holiday swag; and had a cozy bar set up along with a beautiful spread of nibbles.

Fun story: Beany and I each ordered a glass of wine; but when we noticed the bartender had tequila; I asked if he was pouring “Skinnygirl Margaritas” since this was a gym/heath club.  A fairly normal question, right?

After staring at me for what felt like 5 minutes; all the while I was  babbling about what went into a Skinnygirl and no, I did not want one, I just wanted to know if he was making them….he finally just said “I don’t know those nuances” and looked away. Um, ok, Mr. Bartender, we’re just talking about a margarita not the Geneva Treaty;  sheesh.

Good thing there were other fun things happening.

Healthy Habits Kitchen, a nutritional food service; was sampling their wares:

(L: Pomegranate Walnut Chicken, R: Curried Raisin Chicken)

The studio also put out a beautiful spread of sushi, shrimp, fruit and vegetables for snacking.
After enjoying some sushi and gym talk;  Beany and I wished the gang Merry Christmas and headed out for dinner at a neighborhood favorite: Tremont 647.

Tremont 647 has great assortment of upscale comfort foods, and a seasonal menu which rotates pretty regularly.

Beany and I stuck to seltzer water while we reviewed the menu.

(Tremont 647’s open kitchen)

While we were debating dinner, we were brought some chewy foccaccia and herby hummus. Yum.

Beany and I ordered several appetizers and sides to share.

Fried Brussels sprouts with a garlic aoli.
These were DELICIOUS. Salty, crispy and fried. I literally ate almost all of this; so good.

Lamb Two Ways: Lamb loin over wheat tabouli and a Lamb sausage over fig, balsamic jam.
Both were delicious and rich.

Mussels in white and butter sauce with garlic toast.

Honestly, these were not good. They didn’t taste winey and butter; they just tasted….off. But the servers could not have been nicer; they immediately removed these and took them off the bill.

The other highlight of our appetizers/sides were the Bacony  Collard Greens (the picture I took did not come out…so just imagine a big bowl of beautiful collards cooked with bacon). Absolutely AMAZING.Beany told me she wanted to come back every night for dinner to just eat collards.
I say, do it.

Thankfully, Tremont 647 DOES know all the nuances of good food and dining.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    Fried brussels!!! Those look A-Mazing! It’s okay, I was at the SOundtrack party and I saw Grapefruit Juice and Cranberry Juice and I went to the bartender with a blank stare because there was no vodka. She was like can I help you and I just froze looking for the hard boooze! Who has grapefruit juice with no hard alchie, right?

    1. The brussels rocked my world; for real. SO good. And yes, what’s up with bartenders looking at us like we’re nuts? Can’t be US – no way…..

  2. Jen says:

    Two corrections:
    1) Those collards were TO.DIE.FOR. Best ever, and I know my collards.
    2) Please do not judge the skills of Steven Cabral Studio by my poor representation as a Client. I would like my name striken from the record as even being associated with this place out of respect for them as professionals, and I did in fact request this of “salad”, but apparently my requests went unanswered. That said, I will be contacting my attorneys to dig into these libelous statements in the post above further, and ultimately, will not accept any compensation less then $1MM and/or collards from Tremont 647 for the rest of my life.

    1. Slow your roll; you’re an awesome client; you know you can totally carry more seltzer waters than me from the market; you got strongs! Thanks SCS!

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