Twas the Night Before Thansgiving…

...and all through the house
all creatures were stirring
(including one mouse)

Friends Nandrea and Gob were up making a feast

fondue for all
including some meats!

Nandrea’s dear brother
a fondue master of sort

Was here for a visit;

And was quickly put to work

Delighted I was to join in the fun
drinking wine and talking together
Their fondue is second to none.

With cheese we started
a new cheddar blend
we dipped apples and carrots and bread at the end.

On to the next course we bravely headed
to dip fresh meats in oil
(but first lightly breaded)

The sterno was left at the store by mistake
The fellas rigged up a candle, a pretty solid fake

Macyver would have been proud, we all agreed,
but enough about, we’ve got mouths to feed

We spiced, we battered, we dropped into hot oil
The meats came out perfect, after a few minutes of boil.
All cooked to perfection
there was still more to eat
mushrooms with goddess sauce

a nice change from the meat.

After dinner, it was on to to Scrabble at last
Gob is a champion, a real Scrabble pain-in-the….neck
Too stuffed for dessert, a chocolate fondue
I had made ice cream sandwiches
which we opted to do.

A cozy night with friends,
always a treat
we all rested up
for tomorrow there was more to eat….
(Thanks for reading this insanity, I need an outlet for my poor rhyming skills and 8 mile just isn’t what it used to be. XOXO)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lilmurph says:

    It was amazing!!! We will have to make it a pre-Thanksgiving tradition. With maybe a glass or 2 less of wine!

    1. The wine is the best part 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Call me crazy – but it seems that the cheese wasn’t the only thing getting hot and bubbly on this evening….

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