Fourever Seasons

I love a good hotel. I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to stay at some lovely places for work travel but for me, none holds as much mystique as The Four Seasons.

A signature, 5-star hotel in Boston; I’ve attended events here and dined here in the cozy Bristol lounge; but I’ve never been an overnight guest here.

So when my sister was staying here last week for business and asked if I’d like to tag along for the night; my bag was packed before you could say “pillow mints”.

Upon entering our suite.

(bar area)

(sitting area)

(sitting area, view into the bedroom)

(view from bedroom to sitting room)


(view into the bathroom; there was also a separate area for the toilette and bathtub).

As we freshened up, my sister realized her nail polish had chipped. Not wanting to appear unprofessional at her work function; she called down to the front desk to inquire about finding some nail polish remover. Before you could say “acetone” a gentleman arrived at our door bearing nail polish remover wipes with instructions that each wipe “did 5 nails” – I love that he knew that.

We finished freshening up and headed to meet my sister’s co-workers downstairs in the Bristol Lounge for a late dinner.

I started with a glass of Champagne, per usual.

The bread basket and butter (which I was thrilled to see was softened) arrived once we were settled in our cozy seats. I enjoyed one soft, doughy roll.

For my dinner, I ordered a Caesar Salad WITH anchovies, a side of creamed spinach and a side of baked polenta with crisp bacon lardons.The Caesar was delicious; I loved the croutons, as they were like a crisp polenta (I believe the menu called them “spoonbread”); and were not like a crouton at all (which is fine by me, because I hate croutons).

Despite trying to get the full Caesar salad experience; I ended up leaving the anchovies where they were; on the side.

I thought they might be mixed in and add a subtle, salty flavor; but since they were just on top of the salad staring at me ((shudders)); I just couldn’t get into it.

The creamed spinach was rich and creamy but the spinach was still leafy. I LOVED the baked polenta; so creamy, cheesy and grainy; with the right amount of crispy bits from the bacon. Delightful.

We stayed relaxing at the table for a while longer; but I ended up rolling up to bed around midnight.

Not one to miss an opportunity to lounge pool-side in November; I dragged my sister up to the pool & fitness spa the next morning at 6:30am for a run and a swim.

(the view from our room, just chillin’ in my Four Seasons slippers while waiting for my sister to pull it together).

Once ensconced in the clean, bright fitness center; my sister immediately took her poolside coffee service to the whirlpool, to enjoy while lounging in the bubbles.

While my sister drank her coffee via whirlpool (all while being handed cool, mint towels from the fitness & spa attendant); I jumped on the treadmill for a quick 2-mile run. As I ran, another fitness room attendant unobtrusively placed a cup of water with a lid and straw on the treadmill console for me to drink; and upon seeing that I was headphone-less, he asked if I’d like a pair of headphones to watch the TV. I said yes and while I was still  running away, he  quickly unwrapped a fresh pair of headphones, plugged them into the treadmill TV and put them on my head. That is personal service, right there.

After my run, I changed into my suit; and did a few leisurely laps in the pool before joining my sister in the whirlpool. Bottles of water appeared next to us via the stealthily efficient attendants; and towels and robes appeared on our chaises.
After soaking into Four Seasons prunes; we wrapped up in our robes and towels and stretched out on our chaises to enjoy our coffee and fruit.

The view from our chaises.

Not a bad way to start a morning.

Once back in our suite; we ordered room service breakfast to share.

(Warm basket of assorted breakfast pastries, Egg White & Swiss Cheese Omelette with Grilled Potatoes and Tomato, Orange Juice, Fruit and Yogurt).

(I mean look at this gorgeous fruit plate).

Sigh. I did NOT want to leave.

The Four Seasons is simply unparalleled in their service, demeanor and attention to detail and once you’ve enjoyed their pampering it’s very hard to go back to your 300 sq. ft apartment and piles of laundry; Believe me, I know.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    Wow, I am so insanely jealous of this night!
    Favorite Salad Quotes:
    “my bag was packed before you could say “pillow mints”.”
    “Before you could say “acetone” a gentleman arrived at our door bearing nail polish remover wipes with instructions that each wipe “did 5 nails” – I love that he knew that.”

    This looks amazing!

    1. And he was so serious “Ma’am – each wipe will do approximately 5 fingernails” – SO awesome!

      Four Seasons = my dream world. Need to make it happen.

  2. Jen says:

    Whats a lardon?

  3. A fatty, but flavorful bacon type thing.

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