Last week, I attended the Boston Ski & Sports Club’s Blizzard event, a huge expo to kick-off the start of ski season.

If you’re not familiar with the Boston Ski & Sports Club; here’s their deal:

Founded in 1967, Boston Ski & Sports Club (BSSC) is a member-based organization, providing  thousands of sports leagues, social events, ski trips, and adventure travel for over 30,000 socially active professionals throughout Greater Boston.

Fun, right? Several friends and co-workers have played on BSSC sports teams, and I’ve heard that the ski trips are a great time. So if I’ve never participated in any of their events, how did I get to their kick-off event?

Beer, of course.

My friend Pony had read about Harpoon beer hosting a booth at the event and since we’re Harpoon girls from way back, we thought we’d check it out. Plus, we heard the event had games and prizes; and we like to win stuff, you know how it is.

After waiting in line for about 20 minutes (and receiving a free lift ticket for being some of the first folks in line; what up free stuff!) we were in.

Held in the Roxy nightclub, BSSC had transformed the club into a skier or boarder’s dream come true. Many of the local ski mountains (as well as some from out west) were represented in some way, along with gear vendors and other sports-related groups (hello, massage!) Everyone was so sweet and informative and happy to share details (and stickers!) about their group.

(one of the many game-booths)

Every 45 minutes, BSSC officials announced a raffle winner; sadly, neither Pony or I won. I was seriously jealous since the prizes were awesome! Ski weekends, new equipment, etc. SO jealous!

Adventure skier extraordinaire; Dan Egan was on-site giving a presentation on some of his work. So cool and scary, but mostly cool!

Hello Harpoon, we love you. In addition to several bars (and this Harpoon-only bar); BSSC put out tons of appetizers for people to nibble while they wandered around. Chips, salsa, guacamole, pita, hummus, roasted vegetables and fruit; all very generous, but honestly, I was too busy trying to win a weekend at Killington to eat much.

The kind folks from Sollievo Massage & Bodywork; were giving out complimentary massages; and Maureen, bless her, worked out a kick in my shoulder that I’ve had for about a month. Awesome.

At this point, I switched over to a glass of wine just to mix it up.

And to further mix it up, live music was provided by Bearfight; a local rock band.

Pony and I got busy dancing and talking to people, and it was around this time, that I spotted a guy I went to college with (who happened to be working at the event). I proceeded to go up to him and have the following exchange:

S: Hi College Friend! Its me, Salad, remember me?
CF: Um, no.
S: No, don’t you remember? We were both at Ali’s wedding? You gave her bowls?
CF: (starting to look uncomfortable); No, not really.
S: But no, really, they were these bowls from Italy.
CF: (REALLY starting to look uncomfortable) Um….

Imagine this conversation going on for the next 10 minutes until:
A) he agreed we did go to college together and
B) I wasn’t a stalker
I had to really push him on that second one.

The awkwardness was nothing rocking to Bearfight couldn’t fix; and after the Blizzard was over; we all headed out for a pumpkin beer at Rock Bottom Brewery.

(Last pumpkin beer of the season…..went out with a bang, pumpkin beer with a brown sugar & cinnamon rim. Yum!)

Edited to add:
In a moment of insanity I forgot to post the best picture of the night; a gentleman who indulged a wee bit too much at Rock Bottom; but he’s still livin’ large…and possibly sucking his thumb. No judgment.


But what would an event be without a swag bag? Let’s see what the haul was after 6 hours, 2 beers, 2 glasses of wine and shameless begging of free stuff:

  • TONS of coupons (really good ones like for a free ski sharpens or 20% off gear; which is good; because apparently my Nike running pants I’ve been wearing as ski pants for the last 2 years are NOT as cool as I thought; did I mention Harpoon beer can be a bit of a truth serum as well?
  • A disposable razor
  • Luna Protein Bar (!!)
  • Lip balms & shampoo/conditioner sample
  • Drink coozie
  • Free Lift Pass to Crotched Mountain (nice!)

Not bad at all!

BSSC threw an awesome event; and I’m looking forward to getting involved with more things with them this season, I mean once I get my new ski pants, of course.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    You are too funny. I’m glad he finally believed you went to college with him and that you weren’t a stalker (ummm maybe.) xo

    1. It was pretty funny 🙂 – but we all ended up having a great time together!

  2. Tommyogrady says:

    I’m with you Lizzy. On the ‘ummm maybe’ part. Apparently, I have an awful memory. Where’s the pic of our sleeping friend at Rock Bottom?

    1. Come on, O’Grady, you were psyched two semi-drunk girls came up and talked to you out of nowhere. Admit it.

  3. Jen says:

    Where did Pony get her shirt? That is one crazy pattern that is repelling yet attracting me at the same time. She’s makin’ it work.

    1. That girl has been making it work since 1990. I see some of her clothes and I think I look like a clown, but somehow she always looks fierce. Its a gift.

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