Bees in the Hive

Saturday night, my friends and I celebrated my friend Nursey’s birthday. Her birthdays for the past 8 years have been celebrated at a new-to-us restaurant; we’ve have Afghani food, Ethiopian food, Farm-to-Table meals and many others. This year’s fete was being held at The Beehive.

The Beehive is a funky, jazz club of sorts; that serves a gorgeous array of cocktails and sparkling wines and boasts an eclectic menu of punched up comfort foods. The space it was in was formerly a boiler room for a building above it; so the whole restaurant has a wonderful, hollowed out cave feeling (really, its cozy).

The Beehive is a short walk from my apartment; so I’ve been many times for drinks and dinner; but most of the group hadn’t,  so off to the Hive we went! My favorite part of the Beehive is that they stock Mumm Napa sparkling wine exclusively. I’ve made no secret of my love for this vineyard and champagne-style wine; so I always love going to the Beehive to enjoy their offerings (which are also very reasonably priced).

Our table of 7 were seated in front of the stage. That night’s jazz band was setting up as we put in our drink order.

(3 piece combo, setting up)

I ordered a split of Mumm Napa, Prestige.

Hello lover, I’ve missed you.

My girlfriends got these gorgeous martinis; I think they were Valentino Martinis: Vodka, Blood orange and Passionfruit. Yum!

We ordered a couple of starters for the table:

Truffled Potato & Cheese Pierogies, Carmelized Onions, Sour Cream

OH MY. I love, love, loved these! I mean, I love most things in ravioli/wonton form; and these were no exception; I wish I had 100 of these little truffled bites of love.

We also ordered this platter:

Mezze Platter, Hummus, Salads, Whipped Feta, Olives, Pickles

This was good; but I’m a little bias; I prefer my own chips/hummus to most restaurant-made; but overall the plate was nicely balanced with savory treats.

The restaurant was filling up at this point; and people were relaxing, drinking and enjoying the jazz trio, which had gotten underway.

As we were chatted away, the entrees arrived; brace yourselves:

My friend Chris, got this gorgeous Pumpkin Risotto Special.

My friends Pony & Nursey got this amazing  Shortrib, Farmhouse Cheddar & Fontina Grilled Cheese

Holy sandwich; this thing was AMAZING. So rich, buttery and decadent.

What’s a sandwich without fries? We also got the Beehive Frites with Sage & Sea Salt to share.  I loved how these were more like potato wedges, than fries. So salty and crisp; I loved the addition of the fried sage.

For my dinner I ordered The Big Dinner Salad with Steak.

A gorgeous piece of steak over a mixed greens, apples, grapes, pecans and blue cheese salad. I love, love, loved this. So satisfying without leaving me over-filled. Delightful.

Other folks around the table got the Beehive Burger or Roasted Mushroom Stuffed Pork and everyone seemed pretty happy with their dinners.

While we were happily digging into dinner; the jazz music was playing in the background. It was at a comfortable level; and even though we were sitting in front of the stage; we could still hear each other perfectly; especially when the question of dessert came up.

Oh right, dessert.

The 7 of us shared three desserts:

Chocolate Mousse

This was my favorite; a chocolate mousse (although it was more like fudge) with a PRETZEL sugar crust. Amazing; salty, sweet, dense and crunchy. Divine.

Apple Crepe

This was good,  but not exceptional.

And finally, an unpictured Pumpkin Cheesecake; which didn’t hold a candle to the Pretzel Mousse (in my opinion).

After we rolled ourselves out of Beehive; we wanted to keep the birthday fun going; so we headed over to 28 degrees for another birthday cocktail.

I love the lounge-y feel of 28 degrees, and since it was Saturday night; the joint was jumpin’.

Several other friends joined us at this point and we all had another round.

A couple of friends got The Grapefruit Martini: Charbay Grapefruit Vodka, Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit, Splash of Cranberry

And some folks went for beer…..

and I had the seasonal drink:
A Cranberry Sour: Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka, Fresh Lemon, Lime, Mint, Ginger Beer

Oooh, I loved this! So fresh, but with the perfect tang from the cranberry. We spent another hour or so there, talking and cheersing to the birthday girl. My sweet friend, Nandrea and her husband walked me home and that’s when the Cape Cod potato chip incident occurred….

What can I say? I”m a sucker for this girl’s birthday; worth every chip.

Happy Birthday Nursey! (and that’s her finacee, Rockstar, ain’t he cute?)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    I need to hang out with you more often. All that food looks fab. Did you know the executive chef from beehive was on Chopped? I think she won. She was annoying, but she was good and that food looks A-MAZING!

    1. OOh fun trivia; and its ok if she’s annoying on TV; her food was DIVINE!

  2. Jen says:

    You know my thoughts on Beehive. Barf. That said – I may have to get someone to buy that sandy for me so I can enjoy it in the comfort of my own hobbit hole. Cheese. Meat. Bread. YUM.

    PS: F you Beehive

    1. I’m not sure we’re clear on your feelings?

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