Watashi Wa Ebi

My good friend Beany recently returned from a trip to Japan. She dined on the freshest sushi, used the most cutting-edge technology and learned to say “Watashi Wa Ebi” or “I’m allergic to Shrimp”.   Knowledge is power.
Beany has no love for the little pink crustacean.  But she does have love for fun candy; as evidenced in the treats to brought back to share with the group…..

…. Japanese Kit Kats!

Soy Sauce or Wasabi flavored Kit Kats anyone? Yes, please!  Both were tried by the group immediately.


First up, Soy Sauce Kit Kats:

Remarkably, this didn’t taste too soy-saucey.
Just like a salty white chocolate Kit Kat; which maybe doesn’t sound that good either?

I didn’t love it; but I didn’t hate it either…..interesting….

Next up was the Wasabi Kit Kat:

I actually really liked this! It was just a white chocolate  Kit Kat with a little kick of  heat from the wasabi;  I’d definitely eat one of these again. Yum!

Want to read more about Japanese Kit Kat flavors? Click here.

Beany also brought back this little postcard of a “Jenny” doll; which is similar to a Japanese Barbie.
Jenny bears a resemblance to a slight Kit-Kat obsessed blogger named Salad.

Except I can never get my bangs that perfect.





6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    Wasabi kit kat! Sounds interesting and delightful. Love the bangs salad…she looks just like you

  2. Gail says:

    so sad I wasnt there to share with the group! they sound very yummy though. happy weekend to you!

    1. Thanks friend; random snacking off of Jim’s desk is NOT the same without you 🙂 Hope all is well “over there”!

  3. Jen says:

    Those japanese know how to combine sweet and savory! Sad that I’m currently staring at an empty “snack desk”.

    1. I know, it is SO sad when they’re no crumbs for us to devour.

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