Why Not Wine Wednesday

My friend Adonis recently moved a few houses down from me;  so we’re officially neighbors! I’ve been dying to do a casual night at his new place; seeing as we’re so close and all.
We agreed to hang out on Wednesday as a “Wine Night Wednesday” or “Why Not Wine Wednesday”.  Fun!   Around 7pm, I threw on my Uggs and sweats (hooray for hanging out with neighbors!); and headed over to his new place.

Gorgeous right? And this is only one corner of the living room.  Please note the working fireplace. Swoon. I may be living on his white sofa from here on out.

As I got busy opening the wine I brought; Adonis ordered us pizza from a local pizza delivery place (Pizza Pie-er).
Of course I couldn’t come over with just wine….I had to bake a huge batch of cookies; I mean it’s what I do:

Dark Chocolate and Caramel
Dried Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip

(the other half of this batch is being sent off to Sister, our YKOS Baby Name winner!)

This batch was a straight up old-school Betty Crocker recipe; with my only tweaks being using Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, and about 1/3 less sugar (since I was adding some yummy stuff).
True story: Betty was the first cookbook my mother bought me when I moved into my own apartment (well, that and the Arabic Church Cookbook , of course).
I still reference Betty if I want an American recipe in its most simple, original form.

As Adonis and I ate our Artichoke White Pizza on Multigrain crust with a crispy Caesar Salad, we caught up on all manners of each others’ lives.

The best part? Getting home took approximately 30 seconds.

A perfect Why not Wednesday!


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  1. Jen says:

    Dang that cracklin’ fire beats the potential fire-arms in my neighborhood. BUT – you can still wear your sweats to my house to visit! Ain’t no judgement in my hood!

    1. Reason #1 why we’re friends!

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