Hope you all had a lovely Halloween weekend!

My Friday started like this:

My niece and sister were my guests at my office’s Children’s Halloween party; we had a blast taking our little “KittyCat Ballerina” office to office to trick-or-treat.
Of course, I had to “help” her tick-or-treat at certain offices (especially those offices with Reese’s cups). I’m just in it for the kids, you know?

Friday night was low-key:

Pizza and a movie at home.

Saturday was spent rolling with my family, and Saturday night; my girlfriends and I hit City Bar for some drinks and shenanigans.

My girlfriends had been drinking White Russians earlier in the night (yes, it was that kind of night); so they progressed onto Willy Wonka’s at City Bar:
(Willy Wonka chocolate vodka, godiva white & dark,white crème de cacao).

I’ll spare you the pictures of champagne I drank; because you all have seen plenty of those.
We spent the night goofing on costumes, talking to strangers and getting our “palms read” by a girl in jeans and a black scarf who “claimed” to be a palm reader;  hey after 4 White Russians; you’ll believe anything.
Needless to say, Sunday morning required a SERIOUS breakfast.

Enter Metropolis Cafe

Metropolis is an upscale Mediterranean Cafe; serving delicious, but casual brunch (as well as simple, elegant dinners).

There was but one thing I could stomach was craving on this cool, fall morning.

Blueberry pancakes.

Thank you Metropolis for saving my life.

It was a blueberry pancake kind of morning (4 orders around the table, plus 987 gallons of coffee. Again, thank you Metropolis).

The rest of my Sunday was spent getting a massage, doing errands and not tripping over the trick or treaters in my neighborhood (Seriously, kids? Wear some reflective tape or something).

All in all, a pretty boo-tiful weekend (so so bad)!


What did you do for Halloween?


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  1. Jen says:

    No extended commentary on that pizza? In case any readers would like to know – that is the yummy Bertucci’s Bianchi (wait, is that even right?). Alls I know is “SPORKIE” is fun to say (and has to be the most delightful name of a pizza, or anything, in the restaurant world), but this pizza – whatever the heck is called, is more fun to eat!

    1. The Nolio; my true love – so. darn.good. Bertuccis; you complete me.

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