Pumpkins, Babies, Weddings, Oh My

What a fun weekend!
I spent time with my favorite people, celebrating all the good things in life: friendship, babies, and weddings! Amen to all of that!

Without further ado, here’s a quick recap of some of the delicious weekend eats (but honestly, I was having so much fun, my camera stayed put away for most of the festivities!)

Friday Night:

The holy grail found! Southern Tier Pumking Ale on draft! My friend Pony and I tried to make it to a friend’s stand-up show in Cambridge; but were too late; so we ended up going on a pumpkin beer hunt in 40 degree weather and 30mph winds. All was rewarded when we came upon the Asgard and found this treasure readily available.  As always, Pumking was divine. Delicious, spicy and so aromatic!

Saturday was spent with friends at a baby shower. It was held at a sleek and comfortable Asian restaurant which was such a unique idea for baby shower! We each were able to select our own lunch menu (miso soup, spring roll & stir-fried tofu/veggies brown rice for me) – which was so generous and very accommodating. We had cake/coffee back at the parents-to-be new house.  I of course, had cake AND a pumpkin cookie; I mean it was pumpkin kind of day…..

…..which brings me to Saturday night. You may have heard of this treat on Tina or Ali’s pages….its the Amrheins Pumpkin Risotto!

Hello lover.
Twice baked sugar pumpkin filled with a chicken risotto with cashews, dried cranberries, caramelized onions and baby spinach

Its amazing as it sounds.  My girlfriends had this for the first time last year (after I read about it on carrotsncake!) and couldn’t wait get back for our fall fix this year.

It was just as delicious as I remember. Cheesy, with the perfect crunch from the cashews and sweet/sour tang of the cranberries. YUM. And this dish is huge! I managed only a few bites of at this at the restaurant;had two more servings and I STILL have half a pumpkin to go!

I made the delicious mistake of having two Amrheins pretzel rolls and olive oil dipping sauce before my pumpkin arrived (plus a few bites of a shared green salad).

I love these rolls; they’re just like a pretzel; but not salted. I love things in pretzel form.

After we finished at Amrheins, my girlfriends and I popped over to Lucky’s, a loungey type bar for beers and conversation. I enjoyed two Oktoberfest beers while catching up with my girlfriends; we have been busy!

Sunday morning came all too early, but thankfully, my girlfriends were up for some breakfast together at Francesca’s.

This breakfast saved my life. Egg, Avocado & Cheese Sandwich on Multigrain Toast. Coffee. Pellegrino. Fruit. Perfect Sunday morning fuel.

But my Sunday afternoon wasn’t spent cleaning or shopping like it usually is;  but getting prettied up for a wedding! My cousin Eric and his bride, Brenda were tying the knot! After a beautiful Catholic ceremony, the wedding was held at an adorable country club. The weather was absolutely perfect; and much of the cocktail hour was spent outside on the club’s deck, which also had huge fire pits blazing as the night went on; cozy!

Truthfully, I was MUCH too busy dancing to the live Arabic music, cozying up to the fire pits, catching up with my cousins over glasses of champagne to snap many food pictures! I know, I’m a slacker!
I did snap a picture of my Strawberry Pecan salad, which was delightful!
Dinner for me also included Chicken Marsala.

A table shot pre-dinner.

After the wedding, my aunt and uncle hosted an after-party complete with full Italian deli spread and HOMEMADE ITALIAN cookies. Yes, these are the same family of these cookies. Heaven. I only wished I put 20 biscotti in my pocket.  SO good. What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!
Congratulations Eric & Brenda!

After the nonstop fun of this weekend, I’m now drinking my third cup of coffee and thinking about when I’m going to do the mountain of laundry I have at home.

…Totally and completely worth it.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    Wow-that purse on the dinner table at the wedding is beautiful. You must have sat next to someone who is very stylish and of course-always up for the fabulous late night partying. What a wonderful wedding!

    1. Yes, VERY stylish and tipsy 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Friend. Lucky’s. : )

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