Office Snacks: Installment I

I left my USB cord at home; so instead of talking about the homemade lentil soup I made last night, I’m tackling a more immediate topic…Office Snacks.

I’m not talking about the Munchkins picked up for a meeting or the cupcakes for an afternoon birthday break; I’m talking about the RANDOM snacks. I’m talking about the “this was in my fridge and I can’t stand to look at it another minute so I’m bringing it here” snacks: the half-eaten pies, the leftover mini quiches, the off-brand re-gifted cookies or crackers or the leftover Valentine’s candy….in October.

Today’s office snack offering is an oldie; but goodie: Scout Snacks.

Every spring people delight in the return of the Girl Scout Cookie; the chewy Samoa, the Peanut Buttery Tagalog, the unloved but comfortingly familiar Trefoils. When those sign-up sheets get posted in the office by “Apprentice-style” parents, co-workers clamor to order boxes and boxes of their favorites.

However, this post is not about the beloved Girl Scout Cookie;  but of another Scout Snack: The Boy Scout Popcorn.

Um, what? Popcorn? Why not cookies? Are they too “girly” or do the Girl Scouts just have a racket on all scout-based cookies? I mean, I don’t have brothers; so I don’t know if Boy Scout Popcorn is an eagerly awaited fall treat; but seriously, look at this:

Oh my word.

There is ALOT going here.  Let’s take a closer look shall we?

  • Product Name: “Trail’s End – just what every terrified child wants to think of when being led off into the woods with strangers: Trail’s Ending….into a bear cave? Shouldn’t they call it “You Can Do this, Champ” Corn?
  • “Over 70% goes to Scouting!” Um, great and since its Boy Scout Popcorn, 30% goes to……kittens?
  • The pictures, oh the pictures. I applaud them for wanting to keep costs low by re-using pictures from I’m sure are their  many brochures; but seriously; the different lighting, angles and cropping just make this seem like someone didn’t earn their “Packaging & Design” badge.

BTW: This is NOT a slam to Scouting; I myself was a Girl Scout for many years; and although I’m sure some girls learned wilderness skills; I really only learned all the words to New Kids on the Block songs courtesy of “Lip Synch” night. It only took one Girl Scout camp-out, in a tiny tent, stuffed into a scratchy sleeping bag, with mosquitoes buzzing in my ear, and the girl next to me talking about snakes coming in the tent for me to realize that camping was NOT my thing.  However, Mom and Dad had other plans as they sent me to Lebanese kid camp….but that’s another story for another day.

Wait, what was I talking about? OH RIGHT; Boy Scout Popcorn.
Anyway, here’s what this gourmet treat looks like:

Ok, it lacks the geometrical elegance of the Do-Si-Do; but after a brutal 2pm meeting; I’m sure I’d wander by the office kitchen and grab a handful (or two).

So if you see a Boy Scout in your neighborhood hawking “You Can Do It, Champ” Corn; buy a bag or two,  those Pinewood Derby Cars don’t pay for themselves.

Thus concludes today’s installment of “Office Snacks”.
Stay Tuned for more….

Hoping she earned her “Snarky But Heartfelt Writing Badge” Salad can be reached at for emails in regards to the defense of of scouting, the merits of camping, Boy Scout Popcorn or to share your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor.  Salad’s is Samoa.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    Lebanese kid camp wasn’t really camping. Not with 1 large bathroom and 100 girls spraying aquanet on their ‘dos and melting eyeliner with lighters to get that extra lined look for evening vespers.

    1. AMAZING. (and SO SO SO true). Leb Kid Camp will be getting its own post for sure!

  2. Jen says:

    How did I miss commenting on this post 2 years ago??!?! It’s a gem salad, a true gem. The thorough review of not only the food, but packaging and business practices of the scouts, with the added bonus of hearing about your camping journey, is pure blog perfection. This one is getting printed out and stuck up on my fridge. I’ll be taking it down frequently to read before bedtime, and possibly to read aloud at my next camp-fire.

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