Fall Weekending At Its Finest

What a fabulous weekend!
The weather? Perfect.
The company? Awesome.
The food and wine? Outstanding.

I won’t keep you in suspense….get comfortable and let’s do this thing:

Friday started the weekend off right with an early release from my office (!), a long walk and chat with my friend Beany, and a stop at my favorite ice-cream place in Boston: JP Licks.  JP Licks is known for their fun seasonal flavors and they did not disappoint on Friday.

I got a small  ice-cream; half Apple Cider (which was lactose-free but still creamy and delicious) and half Pumpkin Custard.
It knocked my fall socks right off.


Saturday morning, I ran a quick 3 miles around the river and quickly packed my bag for my weekend adventure…

My family and I were headed to tour Wineries! Wineries in Massachusetts you ask? Hell ya, I reply. I was familiar with some of the local wineries; especially Westport Rivers, a personal favorite; but I knew there were more out there to be discovered. After thoroughly canvassing the Coastal Wine Trail map; we had a plan in place.

Saturday afternoon, we piled into cars and drove straight to Westport Rivers for their 3pm Wine Tour and Tasting.

We spent the next hour touring the vineyard and learning about their grapes, harvesting processes and bottling procedures.

Westport Rivers is known for their champagne-style sparkling wines (how shocking that I chose this vineyard); and it was fascinating to hear how sparkling wine processing differs from standard wine production.

After the tour it was on to the fun stuff; the tasting! It was such a beautiful day; the tasting was held outside on the grounds. So gorgeous.

We tasted sparkling wines, roses and whites; each more delicious than the last.

We wandered around the grounds for another hour or so and bought plenty of wine to take home!

After soaking up the sun at Westport Rivers, we headed back to our hotel to relax.

After freshening up and enjoying a pre-dinner glass of our newly purchased 2005 WESTPORT BRUT “RJR”; we headed out for a seafood dinner at The Back Eddy.

The Back Eddy describe themselves as a “seafood restaurant that does things a bit differently”.   Amen to that!

It was already dark when we arrived, so regrettably I didn’t get any shots of the marina and river that the restaurant sits on.  The restaurant itself is cozy and home-like; with hard wood floors and ceiling beams.

I started the night with a very blurry Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale.
I love pumpkin beer 🙂

We ordered several appetizers to share amongst the table:

Rhode Island Steamers (1 QT) with real butter and broth

I’m not a huge fan of steamers; so I skipped these; but the family seemed to enjoy them.

What I loved were these beauties:

Steamed PEI Mussels ECG style, with house made hoisin, coconut milk, fresh ginger, chiles, and lime

These were incredible! The mussels were little and plump; and the Thai-inspired broth was to die for! We wanted to drink it like soup!

I forgot to snap pictures of their  “Honky Fries”; which were thick cut french fries with herbs on them. Delicious. (especially dipped in the mussel broth? Our own moules frites!)

Dinners were equally yummy:

I ordered the Chourico and Cornbread Stuffed Shrimp with Broccoli. So good. Another fall-flavors favorite. I loved the hearty stuffing with the light shrimp; and I was glad it was paired with simple steamed broccoli. I managed about half of this before admitting defeat.  I filled up on Mussels and Honky Fries!

I had to snap a pic of my sister’s dinner, it looked so gorgeous (and tasted amazing, yes, I snuck a bite; do you see why I couldn’t eat my dinner?)

Apple Wood Bacon Wrapped New Bedford Scallops”Tournados”
with summer succotash, deb’s p green pesto, and lemon-dressed h2o

We rolled ourselves back to the hotel (no room for dessert) to put on sweats and relax with some of the port-like dessert wine from Westport Rivers: PINEAU DE PINOT. Heaven.

After a cozy night’s sleep, light breakfast and a swim in the hotel pool (ok, sit in the hot tub for me); we were off again for more wine tasting.

After getting a bit turned around; we made it over to Sakonnet Vineyards.

Probably the most-well known of the local wineries; Sakonnet has been making wine for over 35 years. Although this winery is located in Rhode Island, it was only about 5 miles away from Westport.

Upon arriving, we jumped right into the tasting room to get started.

What’s nice about Sakonnet is that they give you the full wine menu; and allow you to choose six tastings of your own.

We tasted reds, whites, a claret and their champagne offering.

Their VIDAL BLANC was Delicious; light and crisp. We also loved their RHODE ISLAND RED (I have to admit I prefer Westport Rivers sparklings; but that is their specialty).

After all the tastings; we were famished! Sakonnet has an on-site cafe (The Coop Cafe); that focuses on simple offerings of fresh, local food. Perfect.

We bought almost everything on the menu and made a lovely picnic with a bottle of wine we purchased. I was too busy eating to snap pictures; but amongst the six of us we enjoyed: Cod Cakes, Lobster Bisque, Clam Chowder, Tomato Bisque, Chicken Pot Pie, a BBQ Roasted Turkey Sandwich (SO GOOD), and a grilled Portobello Wrap. Even their Hot Dog and Chicken Tenders (for my niece) were delightful (no breading on the chicken! Just grilled perfectly; yum).

Once stuffed with deliciousness, we relaxed for a bit. We walked the grounds, made a coffee run into town (which is hilariously named “Little Compton”) and we bought a pumpkin the size of me (what can we say – if we see a sign on the side of the road that says “GIANT PUMPKINS” – we buy one).

We loaded up the car and made one more stop on our itinerary.

Young’s Family Farm (about 1/2 mile from Sakonnet) was having an Apple Festival; so of course we went.

There were apple treats, bluegrass music, hay rides and a huge farmstand.

Since we had just eaten lunch; we simply walked around a bit and enjoyed the sun.

We did make a stop across the street at Wilma’s bakery for pies to take-home (and I picked up a bag of farm-fresh apples; because it doesn’t look like PYO is happening for me this year!).

After nibbling on some treats from Wilma’s; and taking a last walk around; we all piled into our cars and headed home. The GPS took us a winding way through some of the seaside Rhode Island towns; which only added to the beauty of the ride.

We spent the night relaxing and watching a 007 marathon (and eating pie); good times.

But my weekend wasn’t over yet! (I know, I’m exhausted just retyping all this).

On Monday, for the third year in a row I took part in the Tufts 10K for Women.

This is an amazing event in Boston that supports health and wellness for women and their families. It’s such a fun day; with vendors, samples (!) and fitness instruction in addition to the 10K race.

The race itself was great; it’s a 6.2 mile loop around the Charles River; and there are spectators all along the course cheering away. I felt pretty good for most of the race; bu honestly, I had to walk through a few water stops in the 4-6 mile stops; my lungs felt great; but my knees were killing me! Even with stopping a few times, I managed to finish in 67 minutes/13 seconds or a 10:50 pace. Not too bad for um, not training!

I was late getting to the event; so sadly I don’t have pictures of the event itself; but I’ve got some post-run pictures from home to share (so not the same, I know).

As soon as I walked in the door I wanted brunch STAT; so I put together the following omelette:

Egg white and scallion omelette with sautéed onion and apple on top with  2 slices of white American cheese melted on top (this stuff was born to melt). I added a healthy shake of Tumeric to the egg whites. In addition to adding a beautiful yellow/orange color; Tumeric is an excellent anti-inflamatory agent; in addition to its many other health benefits.  This omelette was savory, cheesy and delicious. Just what I needed.

While I ate brunch, I iced my knees.

Pretty hot, right? Running is super glamorous.

I also went through my swag bag!

The post-race refreshment line included:
Dunkin’ Donuts Bagels & Cream Cheese
– Bananas
Quaker Granola Bars
Larabars (!)
Dole Real Fruit Bites
Ocean Spray Craisins
– Pre-packed Swag Pak (more on that in a sec)

I obviously only grabbed my favorites: Larabars, Craisins, a banana and Dole Real Fruit Bites.

I had seen the advertisements for these; and was curious to try them; at only 80 calories a snack bag; these might  make a perfect sweet “non-treat.” I’ll let you know once I try them!

What was really cool was that one of the kiosks was handing out pre-packed snack paks; these were awesome!

(From Left)
Method Dishwashing Tablet
Nature’s Path Pumpkin Spice Bar
Nature’s Path Flax Plus Cereal
Back to Nature Mini Chcoolate Chip Cookies
Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Tea
Dorset Fruit & Nut Cereal
Barbara’s Snackanimals (These were awesome! Love the chocolate chip flavor!)
Rice Select Jasmati Rice
Plus a whole slew of coupons for Kefir, Stonyfield, Back to Nature, Method and more.

Tufts runs a well-organized race; and the quantity of their vendors and samples show how excited people  are to be part of this day.  Another great Tufts 10K done and done!

I spent the rest of Monday relaxing, cooking and cleaning; a perfect way to get geared up for the week.

I hope you enjoyed this monster of a recap!

What did YOU do this weekend? Do you love wineries like I do? Get any running in? Eat anything completely amazing??


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    Maybe I should have paid the 50 bucks to get free larabars and all those other goodies- totally jealous! I was going to run but it went up 12 bucks on race day!! PS- your food photos are looking good lover.

    1. $50 is too much especially since that race was crazy crowded! Fun, but crowded! Thanks on the pics, friend; I owe it all to you and your flower button 🙂

  2. Cutie Patooty says:

    Winery weekend-one of the best memories of this year. sigh! Love how you ‘Do!”

    1. Agreed! I like how YOU do, jumping in the pool at 10pm; wild!

  3. Cutie Patooty says:

    I am still dreaming of those thai sauce mussels. So dreamy.

    1. I think at one point, Dad WAS drinking it like soup; and I ain’t mad at that!

  4. Jen says:

    I wonder if Beany got any ice cream on this trip? If she did, I’m sure it would have been that delightful Raspberry Chocolate Chip. That’s her favorite from JP Licks. Because JP does like to lick. Too far?

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