Dinosaur BBQ

After dancing all night at my friend Lisa’s wedding; I wanted nothing to do with getting up early the next morning. Thank god for late check-out.

After lazing around a bit; I pulled on my sneakers and hit the hotel gym for a 5 mile run. It felt great to sweat out the champagne toxins. After a quick shower and meet-up with friends, it was lunchtime. We had one destination in mind: Dinosaur BBQ.

An institution in Upstate NY, we were dying to get our fill of pulled pork, ribs and cornbread before heading back to Boston.

But first, a little hair of the dog…..

Southern Tier Pumking Ale?! I have been searching for this! This is the holy grail of pumpkin beers! It’s supposed to the BEST flavor.  I happily ordered one.

And at 9% alcohol? Whoa, nelly, glad I wasn’t driving. Mmmmmm. SO good. I couldn’t finish it all (I was also sipping a diet soda too); but it was so pumpkiny with no weird after-taste; I MUST find this in Boston!

On to the important stuff….

My pal Pony ordered Creole Spiced Devilved Eggs

I’m not into the egg of the deviled kind; but they looked pretty!

After looking at the menu and declaring I just “wanted to be up to my elbows in pork”; I ordered my lunch. I went for the BBQ Ribs and Pulled Pork Combo Plate.

Oh my word. I wanted to bathe in that pulled pork; is that weird? The pulled pork was salty and tender and the sauce was thick and tangy without heat (great for me, the heat wimp); the ribs had an addictive crust on them. For sides, I had cornbread; delicious slathered in BBQ sauce, Mac N Cheese and a side salad with BBQ Ranch dressing.  Whoa. I made it through the pork, half the ribs, the cornbread and mac n cheese. Not surprisingly, the salad stayed untouched. Although the cornbread and pork was delectable; I didn’t love the mac n cheese; I like mine ooey gooey with cheese and this was sort of dry. No worries, I had plenty of other yumminess.

My pal Pony went for the Pulled Pork Carolina Style (topped with coleslaw). She got the potatoes and gravy, which looked pretty darn good.

Other tablemates went for the Texas Brisket, Chicken Sandwiches and the Rice and Gravy. There wasn’t alot of talking; just alot of “please pass the BBQ sauce” and “This.Is.So.Good”

We lingered over our beverages and imitated dinosaurs….you know, no big deal…..

Another successful team outing.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Salad – did this barbecue joint offer beans as a side? Nothing like barbecue baked beans at a BBQ joint!

    1. They sure did. But sitting in the car for a 6 hour ride home after consuming BBQ beans = FAIL. I enjoyed my cornbread :0

  2. Great review of my favorite restaurant. Except now I’m hungry and the original Dino BBQ is 400+ miles away. I love the pork + ribs combo w/ cornbread and mac and cheese. They have a great cookbook if you’re interested in trying some of their recipes at home.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! And yes, Dino BBQ kind of changed my life; that cookbook sounds amazing!

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