Launch of Potato Blue

Well, this is it, only one more WWC to go! (Just tuning in? A WWC is a Work Week Cocktail; and you can read about adventures in WWC-ing here). According to my friend Beany’s precise calculations; Summer ends on September 21 in the Northern Hemisphere so we’re just under the wire; but we’ll make it. We’ve got a great final WWC planned to close out the series, so stay tuned….

As we pondered the end of Salads & Spirits 2010 , we tried to keep our spirits up with a round of spirits at The Good Life.

An after-work haunt and live music venue; The Good Life seemed like a perfect “G” for our WWC tour and other G things…

Hello Sailors….

Once we scooted our way up to the bar, I ordered a Skinnygirl Margarita and Beany went for a Feisty Watermelon. Bacardi Silver, Jalapeno Infused Watermelon, Simple Syrup. Beany asked for Tequila instead. Ole.

After sipping our drinks we decided to get some food. We were seated in one of the three dining/bar areas with this interesting  “eyert work” on the walls……..(thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week, try the veal….).

Thankfully the food was better than my jokes.

Beany went for Chicken Quesadillas….

…..and a side of macaroni and cheese.

(Foodophiles, please check out that cheese pull)

Standard bar food? I think not. But I will let Beany’s direct quotes speak for themselves:

Can Chicken Quesadillas change your life? If so, these changed mine. They are a little slice of heaven.  JUST AS GOOD for lunch the next day, hell, I’d even eat them cold.

And the Mac n Cheese? It’s hard to find a good mac and cheese WITHOUT TRUFFLE OIL, but I did.  (Beany’s allergic to the truffle)
This one has a nice sharp cheese taste, crunchy top, and the inside stays ooey-gooey. I wanted to hop into that little cauldron and just swim about in the cheese.


I ordered a mixed greens salad that I added avocado and grilled asparagus to. Although my salad wasn’t life-changing, it was pretty awesome;  definitely superior to most bar-food salads. Grilled onions,  blue cheese crumbles and walnuts were delightful little bursts of flavor that worked perfectly with the avocado and asparagus. The Blue Cheese salad dressing (on the side)  was one of the best parts! Garlickly and not too thick, it was definitely homemade!

Beany and I were so in love with the homemade dressing we agreed it needed to be served as a  dip with their HOMEMADE potato chips. That’s right, homemade potato chips (which seems to be a trend in dining but another post for another day). We didn’t order the chips, but I wish we had! In fact, we insisted on telling the waitress to have the blue cheese served as a dip to the chips to other customers (currently they’re served naked). We wanted her to share this genius idea with the Chef, change the menu, make $1 Chip & Dip night, create a Facebook fan page about it…..etc.  Obviously she did it. Right?

Right?  Beany and I had another drink each (sparkling wine for me, another Feisty Watermelon or her) and contemplated social marketing campaigns for the Potato Chip and Blue Cheese dip Combo  or Potato Blue as it will now be known (copyright YKOS 2010).

Definitely good things going on here.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    I may be feeling fiesty from all those fiesty watermelon drinks, but DAY-UM those quesadillas and mac and cheese were SO GOOD. Quesadilla’s had flaky, crispy tortillas and some heat. GOD. I mean, The Good Life is going to be my designated after work drinks/snacks place.

  2. I won’t tell Coda and Kingston Station; they’ll be jealous.

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