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Some restaurants use Restaurant Week as an opportunity to show off what they can do; some restaurants do the bare minimum. Post 390 was the latter.

Just tuning in? Boston Restaurant Week is a twice-yearly event where restaurants offer 2-course lunches for $15.10, 3-course lunches for $20.10 and 3-course dinners for $33.10. Its a great way to go to more expensive places, or try new restaurants or just enjoy a 3-course meal at your favorite haunt.

I had already started the Restaurant Week fun with dinner at Osushi and a lunch at Ruth Chris Steakhouse (I updated my existing review of RCSH); and last Monday, I had a gorgeous dinner at Mamma Maria and then Sorellina on Wednesday.

Um, did I mention my jeans are tighter? My two weeks of delicious meals and drinks (and my increasing discomfort in constricting clothing) concluded with a Restaurant Week dinner at Post 390. This also coincides with another WWC (Work Week Cocktail)! So close to being done!

Back to the restaurant at hand. I’ve been to Post for drinks and appetizers, but never a full meal. This experience did not dissuade me from changing that dining view.

Although this view wasn’t half bad.

First up, bread and butter.

Warm bread. Only semi-softened butter. Sigh. (see the dent where I tried to spread the butter?)

Our server was darling and the bar scene was definitely busy; but I just couldn’t get around the food being mediocre.

For my starter (of my 3-course menu ), I ordered the Ale-Battered Shrimp. These were greasy and heavy. I think my local Chinese joint could have done fried shrimp a little better.

My pal Beany’s starter was the Tomato Salad. Perfectly e. Also, neither one of us could identify the accompanying white blob. Crema? Whipped Cheese? No clue.

Thankfully, I had a beautiful glass of red to wash down the disappointment.

For dinner, we decided to order the Trout and Burger entrees and share.

The burger was good; I will give them that (and its offered on their regular menu, so clearly, they’ve got it down). Nicely cooked and excellent accompaniments (we subbed salad for fries; so not sure what the fries are like).


Pickle skewer. Fun.

The other half of our entrée split was the Trout. It was not good. Period. In addition to being dry and flavorless; there was a bone in it. No, thank you. When we asked our (darling!) waiter about the listed “sunchokes” that were missing – he calmly replied “Oh the chef didn’t know they weren’t in season so when he ordered them, they were out; so we’re just giving carrots instead.” Um, what? Does Michael Pollan know about you?

I’m seen better scales in my bathroom. (ba da ba, I’ll be here all week).

Dessert was really where the whole thing fell down. Now, alot of restaurants don’t do dessert well, most hate serving dessert altogether; but really; a homemade cookie and a scoop of vanilla is all most people are looking for at a bistro/tavern. Take a lesson Post 390.

I had selected the Key Lime Pie (again, from the Restaurant Week menu).

This Key Lime Pie looked and tasted like a Marie Callender’s frozen pie with a scoop of frozen thawed raspberries on it (actually, Marie’s is probably better). And that’s not raspberry puree on there; that’s a glob of frozen raspberries thawing on that plate.

Look familiar Post 390?

Beany ordered The Mint Chocolate Brownie Sundae. The “brownie” was a rock with a scoop of “fresh mint” ice cream on it that was so awkward tasting. It came with a smear of slimy chocolate sauce – not Magic Shell, not fudge sauce, just slimy sauce (see it separating on the scoop?. They must have known that people would hate it because they brought a little pitcher of fudge sauce too.

Clearly, there was a whole row of these prepped in their walk-ins for Restaurant Week to be pulled out when needed.

When our Darling waiter asked us how we were liking our desserts; we were honest and said “not really”. Beany pointed out that the mint ice cream “tasted weird”; and Darling Waiter simply said “Oh yeah, they use tons of fresh spearmint, so people either love it or hate it”. Um, I grew up my whole life eating fresh spearmint from my mother’s garden and that ice-cream did NOT taste anything like it. If the spearmint was fresh, then something else went terribly wrong.

Its hard to imagine that I had such an amazing meal at Sorellina during Restaurant Week and such a rotten meal at Post 390 during Restaurant Week, but that’s the way the spearmint droops.

Skip Post’s promotions; and just go for drinks. You (and your bone-free meal elsewhere) will thank me.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzy says:

    love the honesty- I went there once for drinks and it was so crowded you couldn’t move. Sounds like the place is too much hype.

  2. Jen says:

    They really “mailed it in” for restaurant week at Post 390. They do not get my “stamp of approval”. My belly received it’s meal with “postage due”.
    Okay, I think I’m done. And I think I’m also still burping “spearmint” from that ice-cream dessert. GROSS.

    1. GAG. That place needs to be “returned to sender”

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