Beer Running

This summer I’ve been  participating  in a local road race series called the “Let’s Run, Have Some Fun & Be Fit Series”

These races are part of a 5 race series (one in every summer month from May – September). Each run has a musical theme:  Blues, Beatles, Reggae, The Grateful Dead and U2. The race is a 4.2 mile loop around the Charles River, culminating in a party at the end with free food, beer and live music!  People dress up, run hard and drink beer, what could be bad?

Runner’s fuel

I had the good fortune to run with my two favorite running buddies, Krista and Dan for three of these races this summer.  We had done a couple of these races last year and loved them.

Running superstars

Our race prep can be a bit crazy, as there’s no bag drop, the parking lot is a mile away and the run takes place around a river path that goes through some wooded areas. But after working out the kinks doing this race last year; we’ve got our race prep/post kit down pat!

  • Blue Nylon Bag: For shirts and keys and cells that we stash somewhere during the race
  • Pink Nylon bag: I run with that (it has my cell phone, $$ and ID!)
  • Bug spray wipes (to run with for post race wipe-down)
  • Hand wipes (same reason as above)
  • Energy bar for pre-race fuel
  • Beer, Popchips and water bottle (left hand side) all courtesy of the race for post-race funtime!

I told you we were serious! There’s nothing worse than finishing the race and being a sweaty, bug-bitten mess  and not being able to find your friends because you don’t have a cell  (um, we learned that lesson the hard way last year, so we prep this year!)

In June, we tackled the “Reggae Ramble” race; it was a hot summer night, and the beer was cold! I finished in about 42:05 (according to gun time; no chips here!); a 10:01 pace. This race is extremely crowded and more than half of it, we’re required to stay on sidewalks so the crowd slooooows down a little bit; so I was fine with that time! The three of us spent the night drinking beers, nibbling some food  and rocking out to some Reggae. A great way to spend a Thursday.

In July,  we participated in the July Event, “Jerry Garcia Memorial Fun Run”.

I felt great during the first 3 miles of the race, strong and energetic.   When I came around the corner to finish miles 3.2-4.2, my stomach and I got into a big fight. I was really nauseous and had to stop and walk a couple of times in that mile, which always kills me since its so close to the end! I saw all these people who I had been smoking by, blow past me, and I was frustrated! I managed to finish the last 1/2 mile strong ; but my time came in at42:25 (10:06). I ended up pushing aside some girls in the corral (sorry runners!) to hand my bib to the race official and go sit down in the grass. I thought I was going to puke for sure. Thankfully everything stayed where it was (TMI?)

Our final race was the “Twist and Shout Beatles Run” – as you can see; it was getting a bit dark out by the time I made it across the finish line (booo to the end of summer – but the view’s not bad, hello sailor….)

I had a great race! After July’s “near-puking”; I just kept things slow and steady for the whole 4.2 miles; I ended up finishing in 43:50 (I think, official times weren’t posted; but that was what my Garmin said); and felt great.

I got to see these two smiling faces at the end of the race with beers in hand; not a  bad way to end the series!

We spent the night out rocking out to the Beatles cover band; they were awesome!  We knew most of the words to the songs; cool kids do 🙂

Another great running series done and done!

Question: Favorite race you’ve done this summer?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Wow Salad – I knew nothing about this side of your life until now! I’m not saying I wanted to be a part of it (running = NO), but I could have at least shown up after to mooch freebies.

  2. Gotta pay (=run) to play (=booze). And you know what people who run chronically are like…..

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