This Joint’s For You

Good morning friends,

Another WWC (Work Week Cocktail) done and done! Only 9 left! Still catching up? Click here to see where we’ve been this summer!

Last night’s WWC  was at an old favorite of mine that I hadn’t been to in quite a while; The Franklin Cafe.

The Franklin is a neighborhood joint that’s popular with the locals and industry folks alike. They have a wonderful menu; and they serve food until 1am; which is a rarity in this town!

The sign from the street, you gotta know what you’re looking for to find it.

My friend Beany and I decided to grab drinks and a light dinner after work/gym. We got settled in one of their cozy booths;  and reviewed the drink menu.

All the drinks looked AMAZING! And both Beany and I liked that many of them were made with vodka (us not being gin girls).

I was thisclose to ordering a Texas Mule; but in the end, I went for a delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Beany was more adventurous and went for the Cucumber Collins.

The Collins was SO refreshing; Beany asked for no simple syrup, and this was  light, crisp and refreshing. We were saying this would be a perfect drink to take to the beach! To.Die.For.

(I had a picture of our table set-up, and the rustic white bread and hummus they brought us; but alas my hungry camera ate it! The hummus was tasty and the bread was thick and chewy; both great!)

One of the nice things about the Franklin is in addition to their standard dinner menu, they also offer  separate vegetarian and gluten-free menus. A very considerate option with people’s varying dietary needs!

All three menus looked great; but in the end, both Beany and I kept  it simple.

Beany ordered the grilled asparagus with the spiced fig vinaigrette from the vegetarian menu (The same item is offered on the regular dinner menu; but with the spears wrapped in prosciutto).

It was both savory from the cheese and asparagus and sweet from the figs; Beany loved the contrast in flavors!

Beany also got the Boston Bibb Salad with Buttermilk Dressing, Radishes, Crispy Shallots. (apologies for the blurries; it was really dark in the restaurant!)

I got the Bibb salad as well and it was yummy; we both would have liked tons more of the crispy fried shallots; yum! I found the dressing lacking a little bit of tang from the buttermilk; but it was still a nice complement to the salad overall.

With my salad, I got the Creole Shrimp and Corn Soup.  This had some heat on it! I had a piece of the rustic white bread for dipping; since this was too hot for this little Salad’s taste buds!

Beany and I were cracking up because although there was about a cup and a half of soup in the bowl;  the bowl itself was HUGE! It could have easily held a quart of soup. In the above picture, that’s my thumb for scale…

….and in this picture, we’re demonstrating how one could climb a ladder and take a swim in this soup bowl; did I mention we had been drinking?

Finally, we shared a few of their house-made lime pickles. (again, sorry for the blurries!)

Although the crinkle cut was awesome – and they had great crunch, these were a little more sweet than limey in my opinion. I was expecting a real citrus almost sour tang, and these were really mild with a sweetness to them.

Overall, The Franklin is comfortable, the food’s solid and it’s priced just right. Everything a neighborhood joint  should be.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Thank god I survived this visit – you forgot to mention the aroma of truffle oil that permeated the restaurant due to their signature truffle french fries. Heavenly to some – Deadly to others! Take heed and get a table next to the door so the breeze can cut the scent.

    1. True that, for those who loathe the truffle, steer clear of kitchen seating. Or have your car idling out front.

  2. Cutie Patooty says:

    Will never enter truffle infested restaraunt unless I really want to hurl. Although that creamy salad with the french fried onion rings on top looks almost worth a hurl fest

    1. Sit near the door and wear a SARS mask. No truffle oil and probably prompt service, as they’ll want to get rid of the freak in the hygiene mask ASAP.

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