How Thursdays Should Be

In an effort to keep the WWC (Work Week Cocktail) train rolling, Beany and I went out for a gorgeous lunch at Neptune Oyster last Thursday. A perfect idea.

Neptune Oyster is arguably one of the best seafood places in Boston. A legendary raw bar, an assortment of the freshest fish available and a sleek design all in one compact, but cozy restaurant.

Since Neptune does not take reservations; when Beany and arrived at 12:20pm on Thursday, the line was already out the (tiny) door; we waited about 20 minutes before snagging two seats at the bar (which are part of the wait list).

The almost two hours we were in the restaurant, every table was full and the line persisted outside.

A glimpse of the goods. Various raw specialties on ice.

King Neptune presides over all.

Beany and I both had a delicious glass of Vinho Verde (I mistakenly called it Sav Blanc – mon dieu!); while  perusing the menu and checking out the  heaping plates that were coming out around us.

The man next to us ordered the Neptune burger: Cheddar cheeseburger, fried oysters, garlic mayo, relish – I tried to surreptitiously snap a picture of it without looking like a total creeper.  The burger looked AMAZING.

By the time the bartender took our food order, we were both drooling with anticipation.  After seeing the hot lobster roll featured on Lizzy’s page; I knew that’s what I wanted.

Maine Lobster, toasted roll, available hot with butter or cold with mayo

I opted for hot lobster roll with butter, no fries, but with a side salad.

This was one of the BEST things I’ve eaten ever. Period. Hot buttery, sweet lobster, in a toasty, warm buttery roll.  No words.

While I was swooning over my lobster roll, Beany dug into her salad.

Blue Crab salad:  Bibb lettuce, avocado, ginger-herb dressing

Absolutely gorgeous, fresh, savory and crisp in flavors.  Divine.

I clearly loved every bite of my lobster roll.

As Beany and I were finishing up the last sips of our wine and last bites of our decadent lunch, Beany looked at me and said “every Thursday should be like this!”

I completely agree.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Yes – every Thursday SHOULD be like this…next time I’m getting the burger and double-ing up on the vinho…I’ve just got this pesky “job” thing standing in my way…UGH.

    1. Seriously, I second that.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Omg that looks absolutely AMAZING!! I want everything you just posted about!

  3. Ha, that’s because I copied everything YOU ordered last week 🙂
    We’re so predictable 🙂

  4. Cutie Patooty says:

    I really would love to try this place! Thanks for reporting on it!

    1. So freakin’ good. Do it. Come on, do it.

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