Tapas Birthday

Good morning friends!
I know it seems like lately all I’ve been doing is eating warm bread, drinking Champagne and going to parties….and I’m happy to report that last night was no different! (Ok, there are plenty of salads, walks to work and all- greens drinks in my life too, but those aren’t as much fun to blog about).

Last night, my friend Abby celebrated her 30th birthday at a gorgeous tapas restaurant in Somerville, Dali. How convenient that this coincided with being  a WWC! (Work Week Cocktail); we are FLYING through the alphabet now, friends!

I arrived at Dali right on time (a first for me)…

Dali has a wonderful carnival vibe of drinks, tapas and friends; so much fun for a birthday!

The area above the bar

Action shot of one of the dining rooms

Once our group of 18 (!) was settled, we got to ordering drinks.

I ordered a glass of Cava (a Spanish sparkling wine) to start.  Other folks were ordering Spanish beers or Sangria. Dali makes a Cava Sangria, which was a sparkling white wine sangria; it looked delicious!

I also loved the coasters!

The menu was full of gorgeous bites:

We decided to each order two tapas and share, share, share. Which is the best way to enjoy a tapas restaurant in my opinion.

To start, we were brought a hummus-type spread, various breads for dipping and a cold potato salad with a garlicky mayo.

My plate (multiply that bread x 3)

My friend Jenn ordered Queso Rebozado con Miel | Fried Spanish Cheese w/Honey & Sweet Onion

This was delicious! Sweet, savory, warm, creamy. So good.  I had a few bites of this smeared on bread. Divine.

I ordered  Gorditas| Bacon-wrapped Prunes stuffed w/Goat Cheese

Again, the sweet, the savory, the salty, the crispy, are you seeing a theme here?

The rest of the folks put their orders in and the onslaught of tiny plates started to appear. This was the collection of plates near us (there were easily 20 more dishes on other parts of the table)

(From left) Braised Short Ribs, Lobster & Crab Ravioli & Garlic Shrimp (there was also Pork Tenderloin, Stuffed Artichokes, Braised Rabbit and Spanish sausage on other parts of the table)

The garlic shrimp came in a screaming hot ramekin, with the oil still bubbling and the shrimp still cooking. The shrimp was as light as air and tasted like garlic with a snap of olive oil. The short ribs were fall-off-the bone tender and smokey, and the ravioli was all sweet lobster and cream. Everything was a single perfect bite. Not too much, not too little.

The birthday girl ordered Churros (Fried pastry to be dipped in thick hot chocolate) for dessert; but I was too stuffed to manage any.

As I headed to the T; I was struck by how much fun and casual European dining is; with the emphasis on the portions being small but delicious. We need more of this attitude here in the US. Tiny plates for all! Who’s with me?!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gail says:

    Fall off the bone tender with smokey sauce eh? Are you auditioning to be the next Mason Petit?

    1. I was going more for Ruth Reichl.

  2. Jen says:

    Again with the shrimp romance? Sigh.

    1. I know, forgive YKOS; we like shrimp.

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