Nuts Aren’t Forever


1) CHECK EXPIRATION DATES; my dear friend; Harris Carol, got home late one night, made himself a quick egg white omelette using a carton of egg whites, some tomatoes and cheese – only to be violently ill shortly after eating it.  Turns out the egg whites had expired 3 weeks earlier. Whoops. People, I’m all for not wasting food and for using common sense with expiration dates; but 3 weeks is pushing it for most products! Check those labels.

2) NUTS AREN’T FOREVER.  Ain’t that the truth, ruth. I was telling my friend Beany I had sprinkled walnuts on my salad; when she mentioned she never likes walnuts because they always taste like they have a weird aftertaste to her. Although their flavor is not for everyone; walnuts (and other nuts) can become rancid, especially in these hot summer months. Due to the high oil count in nuts, the heat can cause them to spoil, which is why its a good idea to keep them in a cool place or even the freezer. Walnuts are a nutritional heavyweight; even getting an edge over almonds in some cases so keep those nuts chilled (I am 12).

3) PUT A FREEZE ON IT. I love to bake cookies, but I don’t love having 3 dozen around to tempt me. I make a recipe, keep a few out for me, give most away, and put a half-dozen in the freezer for a sweets emergencies. Its such a small thing; but coming home from a lousy day and “finding” a cookie in the freezer to enjoy makes a lousy day a little better. Plus, its hard to overindulge on frozen cookies, as they take a little longer to eat, you have time to stop and savor (yes, I eat them straight from the freezer, and prefer them that way).

Randomness over. That is all.


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  1. Jen says:

    So – what is the shelf life of a nut – and how the F are you supposed to tell if the nuts you’re buying are fresh; particularly if you’re buying them loose by the pound?

    1. By smell and taste; like anything else. If the nuts smell “off” or taste sour or have a weird taste to them. Throw them out (TWSS?)

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