WWC or Bust

Hi friends,

The commitment to the WWC (Work Week Cocktails) is astounding. My friend Beany and I took on another bar last night because we care.  Really, its all for the readers. 14 letters down, 12 more to go before summer’s end!

In search of letter “E” – we headed to Eastern Standard last night. Located right in Kenmore Square, steps away from Fenway Park, as well as several bustling hotels; I’m not sure what we expected the crowd to be…

Indoor view

…but it seemed to be a mix of groups of girls, tourists and over-dressed boys Judge much, Salad? .I’ll cut it some slack for being a Monday and a non-game night; but really the crowed was a mixed bag.

We threw ourselves into the mix anyway; and chose to dine  on their  flora-filled patio.

Getting settled with a drinks, wine and dining menu.

Table set up

Warm rolls with softened butter were delivered to our table.  You know softened butter is a key point in my dining experience 🙂

We requested additional wheat rather than white rolls; which they brought immediately.

Hello you beauty….

Once I had a bread baby, it was time to pick a cocktail.

The funky drink menu is really what Eastern Standard is known for, and their list  did not disappoint. Beany and I perused the cocktail list for a good 20 minutes (and had several conversations with the waitress) before making a decision.

Raw egg cocktail anyone? In a nod to vintage cocktails, Eastern Standard is one of the few bars that is making drinks using eggs or egg whites.

In the end, both Bean and I decided on Sparklers (cocktails made with champagne; shocking I know)

I went for the Seelbach (A mix of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Bitters and Champagne)

Beany went for the Corio Coupe (Passionfruit puree, Vodka and Champagne)

Hello, I’m drunk. My drink was STRONG. Delicious but strong. Throughout our meal, I only managed about half of it; which is usually blasphemy when it comes to me and Champagne, but honestly  – half was more than enough!

Beany’s drink was more islandy and fruity; but not sweet; and still strong.

Good to know this for future cocktailing adventures!

Reviweing the dinner menu, Beany and I both found it a bit unapproachable. It wasn’t quite bistro, it wasn’t quite upscale American. Nothing immediately screamed “order me” –  so, like the drink menu, I sat with the dinner menu for about 15 minutes. Finally, I decided that since I was a bread animal (I think I ate almost 3 of those warm, yummy rolls – whoops) I opted for a simple mixed greens with the shallot vinagrette on the side….

…along with the soup special; a Roasted Corn and Fennel soup.

I loved the mixed greens; especially with the addition of the marcona almonds; they gave the salad excellent crunch! I tried a bite of the dressing and that to was good. Acidic without being bitter and flavorful from the shallots.

The soup was pretty good (as only a bowl of creamy soup can be).  It was supposed to come topped with “grilled corn and a herb salad”; but unless that sprinkle of parsley is the herb salad; we never got it. The soup was VERY creamy with bits of corn and fennel in there. But  with it being corn season, I would have liked to really see the corn stand out rather than the creamy base. Bean split this soup with me; as this was a large portion.

Beany went for the Blue Cheese Souffle with Roasted Beets for her meal.

The souffle was perfectly fine; but a little too eggy for my taste; and the blue cheese taste didn’t really shine through.

While we were dining; a little friend joined us; Beany got a gnat in her drink; he swam around drunk and happy for a while before we fished him out and sent him on his way. Beany opted not to finish her protein-fortified drink. The waitress, seeing our antics (or gnatics) very graciously took the drink off the bill, which was unnecessary as we were sitting outside and should expect, ah natural interruptions, but it was VERY sweet of her  all the same.

At this point; we were tired, full and ready to walk to our respective homes; when this caught my eye.

Butterscotch Bread Pudding. Please call this the Salad Special. Butterscotch? Ice Cream? Salted Caramel? If they had thrown in a 50% off BCBG dress, this would have been my idea of heaven on a plate. Since all my favorite sweets were one plate; Beany and I got one dessert to share.

You know how bread pudding can be really dry, thick  and chewy? Well, this was NOTHING like that. Oh my. This bread pudding was soaked in delicious custard, which came away on your spoon with no provocation. The salted caramel sauce was a perfectly salty accompaniment to the sweetness of the pudding, and the cold, creamy praline ice cream cut the sweetness of the bread and caramel deliciously. So so good.

Done dealing.

As we rolled towards home, we decided that the service had been lovely, the drinks strong and the dessert outrageous;  we just weren’t sure about the actual dinner part….but maybe that’s the secret to Eastern Standard, drinks and dessert.  I could get into that (but probably not into my pants if I kept eating that bread pudding).

Eastern Standard used a postcard as billfold (a trend I’ve seen at several restaurants lately) Question for you: is this a kitschy finish or are restaurants too cheap to buy billfolds?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    I demand you come up with a reason for me to ever come back to this place again…something more meaningful than good pudding. Although my drink was good, I’ll admit I may be a bit soured on the entire experience after the bug decided my cocktail made a great swimming pool. It made me wish I was in a swimming pool instead of that hot, pretentious patio.

    1. Ha! The vibe was a bit weird; but I keep thinking there’s something missing, because people LOVE it here. Not sure I’d go back to see what the fuss was about for anything more than the pudding though….

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