“Don’t Let the Name Fool You, Let it Surprise You”

Angels hello!

I have a doozy of a WWC (Work Week Cocktail!) to share with you all, so sit back and relax!

My friend Beany and I realized that we have 16 more letters to get through to complete the A to Z portion of Salads & Spirits by summer’s end, so we best get moving! We made Tuesday a double!

First we tackled the newly opened Back Bay Social Club.

Situated in the heart of the Back Bay (in the former Vinny T’s location on Boyston for you Bostonians); the restaurant/bar has both indoor and patio seating.

The funky indoor bar area

The somewhat porntastic looking sign that points to the downstairs bar.

The patio area, perfect for people watching

It was a beautiful night, not too hot so Bean and I opted for patio dining. Upon sitting, we were immediately brought an amuse bouche of potato croquettes with veal and onion dip.

I love the idea of an amuse bouche; but I didn’t love this. I don’t really care for potato (as you know) and although these had a well seasoned herb mix on them, I found my bite to be a bit too salty. The dipping sauce tasted EXACTLY like Lipton onion soup dip; with no discernible veal flavor.

While our bouches were being amused (ok, that sounded dirty), we perused the vintage cocktail menu featured prominently at BBSC.

I went for a Tequila Fizz (but with soda water instead of 7-up)

And Beany went for the Club High Ball

Both were deliciously summery. I loved the addition of fresh cucumber to my drink and Beany’s was pretty spicy from the ginger beer. Delish!

As we were looking over the dinner menu, we were brought these adorable rolls.

Two rolls, softened butter, roasted garlic cloves. Oh yeeeahh. We both noted that the rolls were a perfect size; on the small side.

LOVE the softened butter (ahem, Z for Zyomytes)

Half of a roll with a little smear of butter and a smear of garlic clove; AMAZING!

Table set up

Out came our first course

Artichoke ravioli with chicken sausage in a fontina cheese sauce.

So luscious! The pasta was fresh with a crispness to the edges and the filling was lite and artichokey 🙂 – the chicken sausage was delightfully salty contrast and the cheese sauce was oh so good. But really is a cheese sauce ever bad?

On to our dinners….

My entrĂ©e was a crab salad. A fresh crab salad on avocado topped with mixed greens; with green goddess dressing on the side. I loved the tang of the dressing, the crunchy greens and the creamy avocado. The coolness of the crab worked well with this. I really liked this salad! But then, you could put avocado on a newspaper and I’d probably eat it. Strange? Maybe. Accurate? Probably.

Beany got a watermelon, arugula and blue cheese salad. A great blend of salty and sweet. So summery and fresh!

Beany also got a side of Broccoli Rabe; so garlicky and bitter. YUM.

Overall, I really liked Back Bay Social Club. Its just opened so the staff and kitchen are clearly attentive; it will be fun to go back in a few weeks and see how they’ve settled into their rhythm. And the people watching is definitely worth the price of a cocktail!

Onward, Beany and I marched, determined to get in another letter before the night was through. We headed toward the Fenway area with some vague letters in mind; but were stopped in our tracks by an “I” staring down at us.

Island Hopper is a pan-Asian restaurant with a kitchy decor.

Hello, Mr. Kitty…

We sat by the window (we were losing the light! Clearly these camera phone pictures needed all the help they can get).

Their drink menu offers various soft drinks and teas as well as beer, wine and sake.

And well as some delicious sounding smoothies (please note the avocado smoothie description)

Beany and I decided to keep it thematic and each had an Asian beer.

San Miguel for Bean (from the Philippines)

And Singha (a Thai beer) for me.

I love Singha; its very crisp and light and goes perfectly with the spice of Thai food.

The fun part? Island Hopper has ridiculously out of date magazines to read while you’re waiting for your food.

Beany and I read this breaking news story from November 2009. Riveting!

Although their menu was rather extensive with noodles, rice dishes, curries  and extensive vegetarian offerings, we opted just to share a simple summer wrap.

The vegetarian options.

Summer wrap with veggies.

Vegetables and Tofu; done and done.

Island Hopper was a great place to grab a beer and a bite after work, and its location (right in the Back Bay) make it an ideal stopping off point during a night out!

Darlings, I hope you enjoyed this honey of a WWC! Hopefully this will sustain you for a day or two. I don’t know what my blogging schedule will be like for the next few days since its my Bestie Pony’s wedding weekend! And since I’m in the wedding, there’s much to be done! I’ll see you on the flip side! XOXO, Salad


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  1. Jen says:

    You know WWC’s are really expanding my horizons. Who knew that asian beer was such a delight? And, who knew that Andre Agassi was wearing a hairpiece back in the 9o’s?

    1. I know, I was delighted at the first revelation and “Aghast-ssi” at the second. I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

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