Do Not Go Out There


Its HOT. 93 and humid. I ran out for a walk at lunch, barely made it around the block and crawled back to the safe haven of my air-conditioned office. Stay in air-conditioning and think chilly thoughts please.

On to lunch; after my walk FAIL; I picked at this homemade salad ( honestly, the heat makes it hard for me to eat).

In the mix:

  • Veg: Spinach, pepper, steamed Asparagus, Broccoli Slaw Mix, Roasted Corn
  • Fun Stuff: Grilled Lemon Chicken, 1oz goat cheese, blob of TJ’s spicy hummus

There was also a shy kiwi over there that I ate as well. I’m STILL drinking this monster Iced Tea from this morning.

Going on 6 hours strong….anyone who knows me would not be surprised by this. Beverages take me a while…..

Last call for guest bloggers! I’m hitting the road soon and want to know if you’re interested in doing a guest post over here at YKOS. Let me know at


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    That shy kiwi reappeard! Are we to assume he has been creeping around your desk for the past few days or so? Or, is this is a new creepy kiwi? Had you just forgotten about him, or had he been hiding from you….watching….waiting….this is just suspect – CREEPER!

    1. HA! Creeper Kiwi; I kind of love it. It totally creeped around my desk for a few days. So busted!

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