AmericANNE Idol Birthday Bash

Hi friends,

On to the birthday party recap! Yes, this was my third birthday event – my friends and I really like birthdays, what can I say!

For the past few years, I’ve host my nearest and dearest at a themed birthday event. We’ve done all kinds of events: luaus, pirate ships,  angels & devils and few others in there.  This year was no exception. I pulled together my pals for an AmericANNE Idol style Karaoke Bash at Kings in Boston. As some of you know, my name is Anne – so AmericANNE Idol seemed like a perfectly punny birthday theme to me.  SO. MUCH. FUN. As you may remember from my bestie’s Bachteawer Weekend;  we like to do it up.

Before the guests arrived,  I decorated the judges tables.  We need to keep things looking professional, you know?

I bought wristbands for all the contestants that had darling phrases on them like “trashed’, “wasted” or “pickled” – all in good fun, you see?

I next welcomed all the guests to the competition:

Some of the contestants bound for glory (wow, I take terrible group shots)

And then I passed out mustaches….

And more mustaches…..

And one more mustache……

My pal Stacey once said “Mustaches are fun” – oh yes, they sure are.

In addition to mustaches, I had hats and costumes for the contestants to put on to ahem, help with their singing.

A few of these also helped with their singing.

Everyone enjoyed some drinks and appetizers (standard bare fare) while we waited for karaoke to get set up.

Once everyone was properly fueled (ie slightly liquored up) the real fun began.

Contestants doing their best to make their dreams come true:

What is a competition without scoring. We had a very meticulous scoring system in place. As you can see, ethics were of the highest order.

After a neck in neck competition (ie whoever was left at the end of the night) – was crowned our AmericANNE Idol!

  • Bean – Most Original
  • Rude – Best Effort
  • Nurse – Most prize-begging
  • American Idol Winner:  Nandrea!
We are the champions

Our runners up won Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards; and while our Idol didn’t win a recording contract; she did win an itunes gift card. Please note that several of the winners are drinking out of their trophy cups. True champions.

I kind of love all of these people. Alot.

We ended the night with one of these beauties.

A winning end to a great night.

Salad. Out.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    Of course Nandrea won! She has the most wonderful voice! I still want her to sing at my funeral (I know it’s creepy to think about those things but hey). It’s a toss up right now between saved the best for last by Vanessa Williams and Right said Fred’s “I’m too sexy”. It changes from day to day though. Goodness daily!-I really am strange on paper too.

    1. Well, it was a tough call. Craig was REALLY awesome too – but I had to spread out the love (and tiny trophys). And yes, you’re a kooky one 🙂

  2. missfroyo says:

    ahh! I love this! so creative and fun! how do i get invited to the next birthday! 🙂

    1. Any time, sister! You’re in!

  3. Jen says:

    My moustache made it hard to eat wings…but I think it was still worth wearing one to know that I would make a devestatingly handsome scoundral.

    1. A scoundrel who sang “no scrubs” like a champ!

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