Artichoke Feast

Good morning lovelies!
It’s another HOT day in Boston; almost 90!

After I left you yesterday, I was a bottomless pit! I ended up snacking on carrots and some nf greek yogurt with fruit.
I picked up the Saladmobile from the auto shop and now the brakes work delightfully, but my wallet is broken. I may have to change this blog to “Your Kind of Low-Cost Gruel.”

When I arrived home, I had a message from my cousin asking me to go for a walk with her; I happily threw on my sneakers and joined her. We walked about 3 miles around the river and stopped for Iced Tea (me),  Strawberry Smoothie (her).

Back home, I put together an Artichoke Feast!  I had bought a container of Ocean Mist baby artichokes, although, I was not quite sure what to do with them.  I didn’t know if you could eat them like a full-size artichoke or what. Turns out, you can’t. Baby artichokes really are just what I’ve always thought of as artichoke hearts. Who knew.  I think Jamie Oliver needs to go through produce flash cards with me. A quick tutorial on Ocean Mist’s website and I was ready to go. They have  great video instruction but for your viewing pleasure; here is my demonstration:

Step 1. Cut a hole in the box 🙂
  • Clean your artichokes thoroughly

  • Peel off the outer dark green leaves. I found it easy to work counter-clockwise (ie peel to the right) to avoid getting pinched by the sharp leaves

  • You should peel down to the light green/thin leaf layer

  • Cut off the stem, and about a 1/2 inch from the top. Pull off any little dark leaves still attached to the base.

  • You can leave them whole

  • Or halve them

  • While you’re preparing them; place them in a bowl of lemon juice and water to keep them from browning

  • Then steam (or sautee or grill). Steam with 1 inch of water for 20 minutes, until fork-tender.

Then feast!

Artichoke  Saute

1 small zucchini, thinly sliced or spiralized (showoff)

4  green and black olives (pits removed)

3  sun dried tomatoes

2 mushrooms, thinly sliced

3 steamed baby artichokes

1 oz fresh mozzarella, chopped

1 tbs basil pesto  (fresh or store-bought)

1 handful fresh basil leaves

1/2 oz parmesan cheese shaved

2 tbs of lemon zest

Simply sautee the zucchini, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and artichokes in a lightly coated sautee pan. Once vegetables are soft;  add the cheese and pesto, stir to combine (you may need to add 1 tbs of water or vegetable stock if the vegetables are sticking).  Once coated, transfer to your serving plate, add fresh basil leaves, shaved parmesan cheese and lemon zest.  Serves 1 hungry Salad. Note: this would be delicious served over pasta or in a wrap.

Check you later!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cutie Patooty says:

    just laughed my a$$ off on STEP 1. You cut a hole in the box.
    I love the baby artichokes in risotto!

  2. I knew you’d love that 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    Artichokes seem to hard to deal with salad…I like a more submissive veggie. LIke a tomato or something.

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